Gyromite reviews

Surprisingly fun puzzle game. You play as an old man with an immense hatred for dinos, and he goes around collecting dynamites. Or defusing them, I dunno.
The puzzles are pretty simple, but the mechanics are fun enough. Basically you can control two types of pipes: blue and orange, so you use them to squish some funky looking dinosaurs or to open up paths so you can collect them dynamites, you can also use, uh, radishes? To attract the dinosaurs, when they're eating them you don't get killed. Wait, are they omnivorous dinos? Why do they kill you?
Eh, dinos really be like that sometimes.

I genuinely enjoyed this game for a few minutes, I just wish the puzzles were a bit more complicated. Game B is also pretty fun, you can choose it in the menu and you basically have a sleep-walking old man and you gotta open up the path for him, just like in real life with grandpa Jim. Ah, Jim, we'll always miss you. Should've heard the fighter jet. He was a heavy sleeper.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
Like always, no story on this one.

Gameplay: 25
Twas enjoyable squishing dinos, and myself.

Graphics: 0
Not the prettiest one out there. The scientist looked pretty good tho, I wonder if he's single.

Sound/Music: 10
Not really memorable seeing as I just played it and don't remember how it was, but it didn't make my ears bleed so it must be ok at least.

That leaves Gyromite with a piped up 35 out of 400! Wait, the pipes are blue and RED? Am I colorblind?