Hackathon - Ultimate Parkour Master

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Use 'A', 'D' or arrow keys to move left and right, press space to jump, try to get to the end of the level!

Went on down to the local 8 hour Hackathon and thought I could make a game about running around and doing flips randomly like what Parkour folks do lol.  And like the "cool" Parkour people, you can mess yourself up for no reason in this game!

Here is how the development of the game progressed in redneck dev timelapse format: Redneck Dev Timeapse I'm calling it redneck because it's just me walking through the Git Commits and running the game at that iteration.  I tried recording at the Hackathon but I'm a n00b and 1 the first hour of the video was a black screen, and the remainder of the Hackathon I only caught 1/4 of the screen... lol

I don't have plans to work on this anymore, though some slow-mo flips and obstacles to dive there something I thought would've gotten done at the Hackathon.  If I do work on it, I'll stream it live over on Twitch.

Holla at me on Twitter if you desire!

PS, picked the infinite runner tag, but the game is actually a finite runner, think anyone will care?

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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