Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition reviews

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Product received for free Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is a solid but less monotonous Version of the Original Halcyon 6 Gameplay you take control of the Space Station Halycon 6, and need to rebuild the Conveyors Star system. You can expand your Space Station, conquer new Planets with produced and upgradeable Ships to produce Crew, Materials or Fuel. Meanwhile, you may encounter all sorts Of Resistance from Aliens who are constantly trying to destroy your base or challenge your Territory. For each Spaceship you need Officers and this you need more and more as the Game progresses. The Officers have 3 Main Classes which are distinguished by their Skillation Systems for each Main Class of Officers there Are always 2 Ship types, but later you can unlock even more Ships. So that comes Up joy and it's really Fun. The Battles with the Aliens are Lap Based, which I personally find very good. Even though the Comparison to FTL and XCOM is Often drawn Here and there are certainly Similarities: Although the Game bears minimal Resemblance to Xcom when it comes to base construction, but also has the Pixel Graphics of FTL. The Combat Sequences at FTL are completely different and at Xcom the battles on the Ground take place on larger Maps. At Halcyon 6, on the Other hand, the space battles as well as the Ground Battles Take place in class-assured Lap game Manier ala Final Fantasy. As In finals Fantasy, there is a small Screen and the Opponents as well as Allies take Turns. There is nothing to Take cover with, etc.;) Which is not necessarily bad but not really comparable. To the Innovation of the Lightspeed Edition: It is no longer necessary to manually farm the Resources of the individual Planets every few Minutes, because now you can build Probes that do just that. Still, the Game will be Monotonous Again quite quickly. After about 6-8 Hours you have seen and built just about everything and then only lift your Ships and Officers to work off new Story missions if you do not exactly conquer new planets. The Stories of peaceful or hostile Aliens bring Variety purely, but in building the Base, the Struggles, and Grinding, that variety is very quickly lacking. Pro: High Gameplay Indie Charm The Character and Spaceships have beautiful Skilltrees and skills Bug-free. Anyway, I didn't have any. Neutral: The Price is ok Kontra: Kurzweiously Quick monotonous conclusion: I can't comprehend the extremely high Ratings of some Magzine. The Game is quite good but due to the Fact that it offers quickly Monotonous wid, and just not a huge Campaign I do not find the Ratings justified. Nevertheless, the Game is worth a Look and is guaranteed to give every friend of Lap strategy games a few Hours of joy. The Price could be better but also worse. It is not necessary to buy the Game immediately. In the case of a good Offer, however, I would strike in any case. This Review was written as an Assessment within one'S own Genre. Sponsure Rating 6, 2/10 If you liked this Review, follow our Review Program