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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy

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Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is remastered PC version of an RPG shoot-em-up JRPG developed by Marvelous Entertainment. Gameplay The game features four main game modes with each one of them being completely different from the others in gameplay. The game also supports multiplayer. In most modes, the player only has 30 seconds to complete their objective. When the time ends, so does the game. The time can be added in Hero mode by buying from the Time Goddess in the cities between the battles with monsters and world exploration. This mode resembles the traditional Japanese RPGs the most. The Princess mode is a side-scrolling shooter game, while the Evil Lord mode is an RTS in which the player summons monsters of three kinds in order to complete specific objectives. In Knight and Wizard mode, the players have to defend the Wizard and eliminate all the monsters. Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy edition features This edition is a remaster of the original PSP game for the PC. The Super Mega Neo Climax mode is featured in the game which adds improved graphics in order to better resemble the anime cartoon style rather than the classic 8-bit JRPG one. This edition features every single mode featured in the base game apart from two stages that were cut due to unknown reasons.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Sep 27, 2012
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB (includes Direct X files)
  • Video Card: GeForce FX 5700 or equivalent card with 256MB VRAM
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX 9 compliant audio card
  • Additional: Gamepad or controller recommended
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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is unfortunately really a 30 Second Game. Pro: Beautiful vintage shoe graphics but nice Combat System kept very simple-Relaxing music Counter:-there really only 30 Seconds are available-the Game stresses one rather than that it relaxes so I definitely advise you against a Purchase
Translated by
Microsoft from French
You thought you knew the definition of the term RPG? You're mistaken! It's not investing in an adventure for a hundred hours, far away! Here you have to go as soon as possible, read as little as possible by locating the key information! I got it for free, I do not regret the time spent on it and I recommend it for your moments of relaxation break! ;)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Here's a nice satire of old-fashioned RPG:-combat & levelling up pushed to the extreme-FedEx quests a-> B-> a or other variants-full of Gen that join you in your quest-3 parts of the story of minigame type and above all...-save the world. It is a game that never takes itself seriously, and yet it is so much fun. We take the atmosphere a tad crazy, or we do not lend it, in the second case, we really miss something. Recommended for fans of retro-RPG, which the most boring shots have marked them.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I don't even have an hour of play on it, and I already feel like I've been around it. Extremely simplistic, each level repeats the same pattern despite some secondary goals. If you buy this game, be aware that there is almost nothing to do except to move on the map. The fights are solved automatically, the equipment is few and there is no depth in the game system which consists mainly in finding the order in which to fulfill the objectives between two micro-session of level up. Anyway, quick boring as far as I'm concerned.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Half-minute hero offers a friendly concept to save the world in less than 30 seconds. Original idea that prompted me to take the game. The artistic choice of graphics praise the old-school and will appeal to the nostalgic. The gameplay is intuitive and takes hold in a few minutes. The duration of my main quest of the hero revolves around 5-6h of play. However, something did not allow the game to be fully hung. Redundancy most certainly. The fact of having always the same scriptical structure to each mini-story that consists in interrupting an evil spell weary in the long term. We find ourselves doing the same mechanisms throughout the game. And the lack of depth of the hero and the background only underlines this sense of boredom. Despite its flaws, HFM is far from irrelevant and allows to make micro-sessions of play without a head.
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