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Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming

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The world's speediest homage/roast to JRPGs! Can you save the world in 30 seconds?

Get a quest, find those in need, fight through dungeons, earn cash, get cool loot and level up until YOU>EVIL. Don't have enough time? Pay the Goddess to reset the clock and try again! Over 100 mini-JRPGs for you to test your might with! Available outside Japan for the first time ever exclusively on Steam.Key Features:
  • A robust single player mode that features persistent leveling and FIVE separate eras of the Half Minute Hero saga.
  • Four-player multiplayer with lobby support so you can see which of your friends is the TRUE hero.
  • Time Attack and Infinite Battle Modes with Steam leaderboards!
  • A custom map editor (with mouse support) so you can create your own maps and quests. Find, download, edit, and share via Steam Workshop.
  • An art gallery and music player you can unlock as you progress through the game.
  • More fun and charm than should be allowed in a game!
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP SP2 32bit
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2000 or equivalent
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Infinite Hero
Unlocked "Infinite Clear" title.
Freeze Time
Unlocked "No. 30, The World" title.
Enemies Yesterday, Friends Today
Unlocked "Take Their Hand" title.
Connoisseur of Beauty
Found Evil Lord Medals 21-30.
Unlocked "Fateful Reunion" title.
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HMH2 WR part 1
Half-Minute Hero 2 any% in 1:22:42 (WR)
Half-Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming by Dowolf (RPGLB 2016 Part 33)
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Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
I finally decided to make an assessment of this wonderful game! First of all know an important thing: buy this game!! No, but really:D and with the small DLC has 50centimes which is genial! You can have the 1st and 2nd (the one) for 10 euros the 2! It's cheap and it's really worth it! I much liked the 2, do not listen to the critics saying that the 2 is more maubais than the 1 is totally wrong, the developers have practically removed the few faults of the 1 for this one! Well I'll say the + and-: + the graphics, compared to the 1 or we had the choice between retro-typed pixel and cartoon a little undrawn (to my taste) here, we have retro pixel only but carrement more badarse than the 1! The environments, although empty asses, are really very pleasant to explore, we always want to go in search of the many medals hidden in the decor! + the DEMENTIAL soundtrack, one of the best OST of video games I have ever heard, a pure Marvel sound, "to a space faraway" will remain never serious in my memory, as well as "battle of the 8elements" and "Wicked spirit".. + A lifetime consequent! I actually put about a 30s hours to finish the game has the "first end" (30 for half minute dailleurs:p by talking my hour counter for the 1 is battery 30hours! and unintentionally, coincidence? I do not think < 3) a lot of annex content , getting all the titles is a real reenjoyment, some unlocking very good content (geezer < 3) the Globals dungeons are a real pleasure to visit (despite that the final annex Dungeon will have me a little bit of a life xD) + the infinite battle mode, extremly well think! but that still has its few faults:/+ all references to the 1, in fact you must have played 1 before and if possible in full, otherwise you may miss a lot of reference and elements of history:/+ a story really EPI c, we really have a hero (or rather several) well-styled with their own personalities and attaches themselves to it! And the end made me shed a tear... + partners, one can carrement to create a dream team with your favorite characters, and have its own tactics (good me threw in gold training all along XD) + the hero Castle name of God! o/+ normally my gamepad is recognized 1times out of 3 with games like this, 1 time out of 2 with x360ce, the, the game automatically recognized and you can change its keys easily! The--the music that is reviving after each fight, argh Mon the only big default...-a story a little wobble sometimes, scenario really interesting, but sometimes a little confusing, (despite all some passages with yashu or Yuja will remain unforgettable)- The infinite battle is well thought out, but I would prefer a little more "random" than pre-generation maps, finally the part looks a bit always has the same thing, a little too repetitive, despite everything, it takes pleasure to come back from time to time! -No French translation comparative to the 1st, pity because the game would have been much more immersive with.. -There is an end: ' (-and that's it! I certainly forgot things, indeed it has been a little while that did not play again but I would take it again with great pleasure! A must-it of independent games, a real bead, which is well worth more than its price, and which has ferret one of the best OST ever composed. Are you looking for an exciting game to occupy yourself and keep you in suspense all along? take it, but go first to play 1! ;) V ° A ° L
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