Halo: Spartan Assault reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Being a neophyte of the Halo franchise, I would only talk about gambling in General. But to what I've been able to read and understand, the title, which respects the codes of Halo, honors the series and I have no trouble believing it. Halo Spartan assault is therefore a top shooter with a screenplay between Halo 3 and Halo 4. But to forget the big productions right away, this is a small budget. Simple menus, very few cutscenes, all made with artworks, and the narration is the most minimalist. But of course it does not take away the interest of history. Decomposed on a mission, this one makes us live the adventures of two Spartans: Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis, who will have to protect the world of Draetheus V from a Covenant invasion as a shooter, the grip and very fast. After a few minutes of play, the orders are assimilated and we take a real pleasure to see our little Spartan running, shooting, throwing grenades, recovering weapons on dead enemies, using turrets or ejecting the pilot of a vehicle to take the control. All means are good to defeat our enemy. After each mission, a scoring system allows us, according to our achievements on the ground, to gain more or less XP. This precious XP can then be exchanged before each new mission against more powerful weapons, boosters, power-ups or skulls (kind of handicap). The thirty missions are divided into six chapters (the sixth being a DLC integrated in the basic version) very varied they usually last no more than 5 to 10 min, but are in comparison very intense: Defense, infiltrations, escort, assault, Armored battle... In sum, than happiness. Who says low budget doesn't necessarily mean bad graphics. Halo Spartan assault does not have to blush against the big productions. The environments, the vehicles, and the different effects are very detailed and the vivid colors are not unpleasant. A correct lifespan for a minimal price. It takes about 6 hours to get to grips with the adventure. This seems little, but in comparison to the small price it is quite Honorable. Especially since restarting a mission is a pleasure thanks to the large possible combination of power-up, skull and booster. And then... between us... get a little shot it's always good;) We must also note the presence of challenges called "assault operations" that will push most of us to start the missions tirelessly to the end. I think here especially to those who like to finish the games one hundred percent. Most of these challenges are mission-specific but others are weekly and therefore have a limited duration. Small grievances. Even if the game is well suited to PC devices, it must be admitted that the driving of the vehicles sometimes proves quite painful with the keyboard. I also noticed some inexplicable frame rate drop on some occasions. No idea what their causes are! the game or my PC (which however far exceeds the recommended config), this remains a mystery. However disabling the vertical sync seems to fix the problem. In conclusion: a small game for a great pleasure. This is a pretty good summary of this Halo Spartan assault. It is a very good little shooter that seduces without difficulty. The great diversity of missions and the neat graphics make us spend a pleasant time. My personal note: 16/20