Harmony of the bravest reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Product received for free I will Deal with the review for points to allow a better separation between the various fields of the game. Starting from the basics, Harmony of the Bravest is a turn-based old-fashioned role-playing game, first-style Final Fantasy, where strategy and experience are the mistress. • Plot: Roy and Elizabeth are two terrestrial boys who all of a sudden, as in a dream, find themselves catapulted to Harmony, a world seemingly fictitious by the fantasy setting. The two protagonists will soon find themselves greeted by the fairy Magnolia who will explain that they are two of the four heroes chosen by the "prophecy" called in this world to eradicate a serious threat. From the first minutes of the game we will ask questions like "Why are we here? Why us? Who will be the other two heroes? Will they be terrestrial too? What is the threat? ", questions that will obviously find an answer continuing with the adventure. Particularly interesting the evolution and the deepening of the protagonists and the final implications of the plot, I do not hide the excitement in more than a moment, especially by understanding the final message that the work wants to convey. The protagonists will cross different settings, all quite distinct from each other, like a park in the sky and a poisonous swamp. • Gameplay: The Most juicy part of the game, without diminishing the rest that remains high despite being an indie production, is just the gameplay, which remains classic but with interesting strategic turns. The game In fact offers, after a certain event (in the first hours of play), the possibility of changing class: five for each character thus making available a total of twenty classes, all different and each with eight skills, including a "limit" Very powerful. To reinforce this, a system of extremely varied equipment that allows the player to indulge themselves with literally hundreds of different combinations all valid. Perhaps it lacks a perfect balance because some classes are more difficult to fit into strategies, especially those of the third character, but all can create beautiful combo if managed well. Add To this a second flaw, that up to level 14 or 15 will not have enough skill to allow the "study" of these synergies, but this is balanced by a fast level up that will make you have all the skills available soon. The level cap is meant not to force the player to unnecessary hours of farm, as well as the acquisition of money, always available to buy everything you need. The difficulty is well balanced: in fact often we will have difficulty to get to the bosses of the end of dungeons, perhaps too numerous and similar but with approaches to the battle always different and varied and always justified for the purpose of the plot. Add To This the numerous boss rematch of the post game, which will guarantee a few more hours of fun: some of these are really a challenge. The dungeons are structured with riddles or small puzzles, some very difficult but with clues scattered here and there. You Have to appreciate the commitment to make them all different and long-lived. The Negative note is the insistence of casual encounters, in which sometimes the escape is not always the best move, especially with a group not healthy: You can risk to stumble into a game over. My Only whim is that I would have liked a "New game +" mode, perhaps climbing the power of enemies. Who knows, maybe in the not too distant future...! In conclusion, Harmony of the bravest looks like a game that maintains a classic style of RPG with elements that introduce a wide variety of strategies, entertaining the player from the beginning despite a preliminary restriction of skill with a story Enjoyable and interesting challenges, on a strategic and logical level with its puzzles.