Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is one of my absolute Favorites! (Please don't be fooled by the Playing time in Steam, this is only counted if you leave out after the Start of The game and reopen the Launcher and let Him stand like that ...) I've already played the Game for several hundred hours without a team. It is Important to buy the Gold Version in this Case, as it incorporates diplomatic Options into the Game that better reflect the political Validance Of this Section of Greek Antiquity. You can also get two more Scenarios and a Sandbox Mode in which you can get each one! Every one! Nation can play. This Epoch of Greek Antiquity, the Period Between the Loss Of Hegemony Sparta at Leuktra in 379 BC And the Hegemony of Macedonia at Charoneia in 338 BC is one of the most varied and exciting, in terms of military technology, Diplomatic Interchanges and Hegemony Striving for the Polis. This Game reflects this very well. My Favourite Start, though, is the Standard Start with Philip. In a dynamic Campaign, one can accompany the Rise of Philip II of Macedonia, peppered with a Variety of Sequences and Places that you slowly take or discover. At the same Time, the Procedure is completely open to you. At the Beginning, you have to assert yourself from the Capital Agai and can (don't have to!) follow the Mission Goals. In doing so, a historical Leader joins or opposes the Player. The Possibility of agreeing Peace in order to prevent neighbouring States or Tribes from invailing Macedonia is particularly appealing. You don't want to spread Macedonia to Persia and maybe go to Illyria later? No problem. The Space key pauses the Game. This quickly turns out to be the best Friend as the Map continues to run dynamically. Everything takes place in Real time, so that one is busy when one's own Area is attacked by 3 Pages ... But that can be tolerated if you spread out and Make Alliances on Fronts where you don't want or can do more troops. I also like This Aspect very much. The Economy (Gold Income/Asube) is provided by Cities and Mines. You get food for the Army Through Farms. Herds of sheep are a mobile Food Source for the Army. Too Many Troops are not possible if the Gold Income is missing. The continuously zoomable, huge Map and Atmosphere make this Game a Treat for Antiquity or historically well-implemented Games Fans! Pro: Atmospin-strong Scenario-free Fact-free, varied Units-a very branched supply network in the later Game break function with Space key-continuously zoomomable Moody music-great video Sequences and Missions respectively. Events-not so easy, AI pisakt without Mercy Contra:-for discerning players (tactical Understanding)-becomes somewhat confusing in later Game-can degenerate Into Clicking on several Fronts in case of poor planning