Hero of the Kingdom III reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Hero of the Kingdom III If the Review helps you and/or likes it, follow our Review Program! And write calmly in the Comments if you want to tell me something about this Review. Story & Gameplay Your start the Game as a simple Hunter who lives with his Uncle. Suddenly Earthquakes shake the Valley and Monsters crawl out of the Underground. With each Quake, Visions push for you. To get to the Bottom of these Pictures, you go off. The four Valleys that the map includes pass you, complete Tasks of Villagers and defeat Monsters. Sounds simpler than it really is. To perform certain Tasks, you must either have the right Material with you, und/, or have the appropriate Skill level or Reputation. You earn Money simply by collecting Eggs or Mushrooms, as well as hunting animals and selling Their Skins, Claws and Antlers. You can get a reputation by doing Tasks, mostly from Villagers. Occasionally, you'll have to buy new Weapons (as long as you can't forge them yourself yet) and Tools. You move back and forth over Arrows at the Edge of the screen between the Sections and slowly uncover the complete Map. If you Have reached a new Valley, you do not have to agonise all the Way back, but can use the Fast travel Function on your big Map to return to an already passed valley. You also don't have to stand in the same Area as the Dealer you want to buy something from him. It is enough to click on the large Area Map and you can act. Your Resting place, where you can also cook, forge and brew, you always have with you and can rest anywhere. You unlock the Recipes by leveln in Cooking, Alchemy and Blacksmithing. You can increase skill levels by using the Ability, for example, to hunt Monsters to increase Melee ability or brew Potions for Alchemy. This can be quite annoying on a lifetime, as every time all the Ingredients used are slowly thrown into the Pot and you can't skip this Sequence (especially the last Recipe for cooking almost made me mad!). Even the constant Confirmation of Activities, Level ascending, etc. quickly drags on patience. As an Example: You want to crack the Lock of a Chest. First of all, you confirm that you have the necessary Level and a Dietrich. Then follows a short Sequence in which the Dietrich is used. The Contents of the Chest now want to be accepted, after which it is confirmed that the Ability of The Impact has been increased by one Level. And if you were Unlucky the Game still tells you that the Dietrich is broken in this Action (and wants to have an Endorsement again). You have Similar Processes when Fighting, Fishing and so on. Especially if you have to train felt hours to Ascend a Melee life (there are 100 Steps) so that you can see the next Opponent standing in your Way and unfortunately there are no higher quality Opponents, so that you can only cease small Cattle. Confirm this constant and Wait out Sequences absolutely caustic. Graphics and Sound The Graphics have improved a little since the first Part, is more detailed but you shouldn't expect anything cinematic. Music and Sound Effects are nothing special, you could also play well without Sound. Verdict The Story is linear and nothing Special (Save the four Valleys and the stupid princess by traversing you from Section to Section and murkwalking off the three evil Demon generals ...), the Graphics are fine and the Gameplay can occasionally absolutely Be annoying. If you are patient, you simply Get success here and even those who are looking for an entertaining Game for in between could have joy here, because then the "Brakes" of the Game are rather less noticeable. If you like to play a Game at a time, however, you should leave the Fingers of HotK3. I was through after about 10 Hours with the Main Game and I still completed the last Successes afterwards and it just frustrates immensely when you are constantly slowed down by the Game.