Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Heroine's quest is a clever mix between point & click and RPG at the quest for glory in Sierra, an adventure game created by enthusiasts, hence a lot of references to the games of Sierra of the years 80/90. It can be played in 3 ways (Warrior, witch, or thief) that will completely change the puzzles and gameplay. It's an enchanting, magical game inspired by Nordic mythology. The background and the universe of the game are however a little confused, you get lost easily. Some dialogues are also a little repetitive. The soundtrack is really good overall, most of the music is enchanting and brings a magical atmosphere to the game. Some themes are beautiful and remain in mind. Old-fashioned graphics (AGS!), 320x200 resolution, perfect for this kind of games. For a free game, it's exceptional and it will delight all followers of the genre (too rare) P&C/RPG. Beware however the game is reserved for Veterans of the genre (games of Sierra), it is really difficult whether it is in the level of fights or puzzles, and will frustrate those who do not know what to expect. NB: the game is in English.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A Mix of Adventure and Role-playing, with loving retro graphics. There are three Classes to Choose from at the Launch: Warrior, Sorceress, and Rogue. Each with different Priorities. This is felt not only in Attributes and Talents, but also in the Way puzzles are to be solved. The Environment and Action is strongly oriented towards Norse Mythology and is, on the whole, rather Serious and epic. Every now and then, humorous Easter Eggs pop Up, too. One should be familiar with the English Language. In Some cases, a rather special Vocabulary is used. The Game is mostly set to music and the Speakers seem believable, which contributes a lot to the Atmosphere. The same goes for the Background Music (Soundtrack is included!) My personal Experience from the first Run as a Warrior: Chapter 1 + 2 let you slowly immerse yourself in the World and the Action gradually becomes more captivating. The Puzzles have succeeded and fair. The Supporting Characters give a lot of Clues and tell of themselves. From Chapter 3, it will be a bit diffuse for my Taste. I lacked a concrete Goal there (apart from "saving the World"). With some Puzzles, the Solution seemed very arbitrary to me. A few Clues or better Representation of Hotspots could have spared Frustration. The Combat System took some getting used to for me, but also mastered after a few real Fights. I really liked the Final Sequences again and I am looking forward to dedicating myself to the remaining two Classes. If someone hasn't noticed it yet: Heroine's Quest is free;-) Free, but not for nothing. High-quality and no technical Deficiencies. There are thoroughly bought Games that could captivate me less. Overall, I really liked it and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Adventures and Role-playing games.