HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Addition to Hexen does not bring anything new to the game. The Canvas of the plot, made explicitly for a tick, is similar: the area of Chaos in the original of the main character evil forces sent to the world of the dead. Some abstract death knights, apparently living here, are indirectly represented by a pair of intermediate bosses (?) and three in the final. They completely duplicate those from the original and will stand together with hordes of enemies in the player on the way for 3 hubs. At the end of this action the plot will be looped in essence to the same outcome and the third rider can be seen already in Hexen II. The Level of difficulty in comparison with the original has greatly increased, the addition of a very hadrkornoe in the 1-2 Habe, the Respavon became more rigid. In 1 You will be waiting at once 4 flying dragons, from which I was able to get rid only after having collected 4 weapons (already in 1 Habe) playing for 2 class, For other classes, as seen, from them will get rid of very problematic. Class 2 is Cleric. As It was supposed it is something average between a magician and a war and to play for it rather well, such choice I would probably call and in general the most optimum for Hexen and its additions. The War here will be much more, and the game for the magician does not promise to make the supplement poorly playable. The Architecture of the levels is quite interesting, at the end of a rather epic battle with 9 waves of opponents of 3 types and 3 bosses in the interval. But to deal with them is not very difficult, if by the time you accumulate (and this is for sure) different goodness in the inventory, as: Friendly Minotaur, invulnerability, Scrubs for health, etc. On the finding of most secrets, the passage of the whole supplement At the penultimate level of difficulty (missed the secret level on 2 Habe, Armory) It took me about 6 hours owns time. Of the disadvantages Of the supplement:-Cut music, returned patches (see manuals). I played without music, so that less distracting from the search for levers and other. ? Faced with a glitch, which could not be closer to the final 2 Haba hit the drain, because one item in the inventory seems to have replaced the other. In connection with something I recommend to do more saves. I did that place ran through typing cheat on noclip. From The gameplay features:? On 3 hubs or I somewhere did not finish the levers or else on something did not pay attention, I do not know, but to get in the necessary location to get the last fragment, to go through the portal to the bosses I needed to use the wings. Without them to pass further could not, and they in turn could be received only completely having passed the secret ice level, the entrance on which opens in a sewer location. * On The icy level you can get into a small trap from which not to go out, in a fragment where the ice moves after pushing the lever in the form of a spiteful grin = > do save. Verdict? +. By the way. If you are interested in modifications. They say there is a good mod, adding 2 more classes, Perki and different things. Wrath of Cronos. Search on IDDQD.