Hidden & Dangerous: Action Pack reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Hidden and Dangerous is one of those games that has not passed the test of time. If you describe the game literally a few lines, it turns out roughly the next picture... Before US Alpha-beta debut project ambitious and really talented studio illusion Softworks which under its release in 1999 was unusual, attractive and with potential. However, not everyone has passed this game to the end for a number of several reasons:-Buggy AI enemies, and illiterate their placement in the wilds of game design. Enemies are clear, visual, and incomprehensible to the player. They can stand in the same mission, and in the second feed the lead without even falling into sight. -From The first problem emerges immediately the second. In view of the fact that the game has classes of characters with their "skills and abilities", such a class as "stealth" in the game is simply useless. Kill the enemy in the near is almost impossible, and because of their "features" These characters are the most dead and die from a shot of pneumatics. -By Striking out stealth, a large number of abweights are automatically erased which are selected before the start of the mission. Binoculars, knives, mines, cameras, etc. things in the game simply DO not NEED. Their presence-the dust in the eye of the player. Choosing Stealth, the player automatically caught the most miserable tan before getting acquainted with the game. -As the game is useless stealth, you have to tear Like a Schwarzenegger. The game Has A view of both the first and the third person. The View from the first person is made pornušno, absolutely uncomfortable and squalid. From the third, too, everything happens not without crutches. To All this is very difficult to get used to... And in modern reality find a psycho who for the sake of the game will break his fingers and psyche still to look for. -Mapping, and the strategic component of the game-trash. Another dust in the eye. Including the card the player is free to give commands to the characters. You can tell where they're going, where to storm, where to go. But It's all poorly written and miserable. Sending a character "somewhere", you know that he goes to death and is free to take lead. Bots is absolutely manipulative. They can just run by storm next to you, distract the enemy while you're all mowing. In General-Breyatina. As a result: Just an alpha version of a very cool promising game! If all the ideas of the developers worked, I would be delighted. Playing now, I'm more picky. The Modern player in this play will be. 100% It is not necessary to Take definitely! I Took myself only because in childhood he played, with great interest passed despite crutches. Now H&D compared to the second part-benchmark is not worth attention.