High Noon Revolver reviews

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Microsoft from Italian
Simple Games require simple reviews: Given the simplicity and immediacy of High Noon Revolver I will therefore try to keep my review as essential and concise as possible; Advance that the final response was hovering to the last and saw me very torn between the advise or not the game, because of some considerations regarding the overall quality of the product. HNR is a horizontal scrolling shooter from the Western setting that exploits roguelite mechanics (especially random upgrades and permadeath). Distinctive Feature of the game is the presence of 3 distinct action plans including we will switch to switchin depending on the situations, to avoid bullets rather than to close the distances with the enemies: this setting could bring to the mind of the players More hardened than the old arcade Capcom "SonSon". In HNR We can choose between a roster of gunners equipped with different weapons and innate skills, including for example the possibility of being reborn after the first KO or to take advantage of a rotating shield to momentary protection from enemy fire. The game contains clear references to titles that enjoy great fame in the indie landscape: in particular it is obvious the lure to shooter of all respect such as Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box, from which High Noon Revolver tries to exalt the gameplay Fast, immediate and very demanding in technical terms. Many of you at this point will be asking an absolutely lawful question: High Noon Revolver succeeds in declared intent to carve out a space between the sacred monsters that tries to emulate? ... Nee. I wish I could show an unreserved enthusiasm for this title, but a series of more or less important tare goes to severely limit the excellent potential that was glimbered in the first few lines of play. First, the level of difficulty (not settable by the user) is not close to that of the reference securities; Worse, the problems arise from the rough management of movements and collisions, a very serious flaw in a game that mixes platformer and shooter and inherits from both the need to perform precise movements to the millimeter in a fraction of a second . Secondly, the gameplay of HNR is very repetitive and does not shine for originality, and this aspect combined with the very short average duration of a playthrough ends up seriously undermining the longevity of the game. High Noon Revolver, far from being a masterpiece of the genre, is still agreeable especially in the audio/video industry: The theme of "Wild West" with steampunk contamination is developed with pleasant lightness, and the soundtrack is a guessed Reimagining in a modern key of the epic Western "Cavalcades" that accompanied the films of Sergio Leone. Arrived at the time to pull the sums on High Noon Revolver, the judgement can not be completely positive; This feeling is however partially mitigated by the awareness that the game itself, although distant light years from perfection, can still find a precise location within a target of players more casual and less demanding, looking for a undemanding Recreation. High Noon Revolver will certainly not be the definitive shooter able to shake the foundations of the genre, but still manage to guarantee us some hours of honest fun without requiring much in return. If you liked this review click "Follow" on the page of the Curator of my group: you will always be updated with my personal advice and reviews of the best titles Indie/retro/roguelite in circulation!