Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch. 5 Meakashi reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Perhaps one of the strongest chapters. Impressed by all-beautiful sound accompaniment, such different voiceover twins, a lot of small details, which did not show anime. And especially the words of Rykishi in the dock-how easily we justify violence based on our own sympathies. To myself I will say that the character who has drawn here in full, has not caused me these sympathies. If in previous chapters of heroes to violence were pushed fear, self-defense or desire to protect others, here-revenge, seasoned with a large portion of sadism. The Central theme is the search for answers to what happened to Satoshi, a relationship in the Sonogaki family. The Killer here is the most ambiguous of all, one that would probably be able to kill and without the syndrome of HINAMZWAW, EGOCENTRK and manipulator, perfectly capable of pretending. Her inner World, obsessive attitude to the object of the senses, is shown much deeper than in the anime. And If in humanity it is inferior to the rest of the characters, then as a character in its versatility is one of the most interesting. The Author of this novel does not cease to amaze by good.
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I really did like Shion when I first came accross Higurashi. Now reading the VN thoroughly, her character was kinda hard to stomach and everything she pulled afterwards. Meakashi was great, and what made it this way obv was Ryukishis way of retelling the story from "shions" perspective (putting that in quotes, because for obvious reasons. Strongly recommend to reread it if you didn't catch that). She's sly, sick and a really ♥♥♥♥ed up garbage can. CH 2 showed us what Keiichi actually is capable of. Her talking him down to the utmost just... felt so wrong. Her arrogance slightly slows down during the end, but from all of the characters so far, her mindset was the most godlike. Now you'd probably think I'm talking about the parts after she gets "♥♥♥♥ed up". Honey, no. As stated above, I adored Shion and that was mostly due to Satoshi and her caring personality towards him. Only through the VN honestly I saw how obsessive she's over him and thats before♥♥♥♥♥♥goes down. Ryukishi prob wrote it that way on purpose, but the more it disturbed me when I realised how sick her situation was beforehands. All of her violent acts only add up to that and highlight her worst traits - which always makes you question the character at hand (AND I love that the most abt his novels because yes). Her jealousy towards satoko is completely uncalled for, given the situation the houjous have to fight through. The reader learns how satoko actually is aware of her own faults, which is so sad and I had to put the game down a few hours because it was so harsh. So good, but so harsh. You get what I want to say. In conclusion, I prob liked CH 5 the most because of the way it made me feel. The after party also brought up questions the reader prob had through mid-reading. Good stuff, very good, even though I now want to throw Shion down a cliff.