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Hospital Manager

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Choose and hire your doctors and employees, build the departments of your choosing, and manage your finances! Are you thrifty or a big spender? Would you rather pamper your patients instead of your banker? Make your own decisions!

You'll have many missions to accomplish, littered with all kinds of epidemics, patients with disturbing pathologies such as the zombie disease, the Chewbacca syndrome, and the moonwalk virus. Be on the lookout: Many events will spice up your rise, such as exterminating extraterrestrial germs and stopping toad contamination!
Customize your hospital down to the last details, buy high-tech equipment, choose rooms that will make your hospital center the most popular one!Key Features
  • Use comprehensive management of your hospital to your advantage: You're the boss!
  • Build your reputation with a large variety of factors
  • Accomplish diverse and surprising missions
  • Plunge into an explosive 3D cartoon style universe with wacky pathologies and situations!
  • Experience a nonlinear adventure: Every decision will lead to different consequences, depending on when the action happens.
  • A rich system of artificial intelligence that can adapt patient behavior to each of your actions and decisions!
Release date
Microids, Microids Indie
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7 /8
  • Processor: Processor intel core duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI X1600 or Nvidia 7300 GT or Intel Integrated GMA X3100 or Higher
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: MAC OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or Higher
  • Processor: Processor intel core duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Hospital Manager reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Anyone looking for a Simulation is clearly wrong here. It * could * but be a very good Casual Game if not ... Well. You just realize that it was somehow ported from Mobile to PC, it's bock-heavy anyway. Game:-There is a given clinical base for each Mission. In this you can build Halls, E.g. General Medicine, Surgery, Exorcism, ... But also Toilets, Research Station or a Relaxation Room for the Doctors. -In order to keep People Happy while waiting, you have to offer them seats and a nice Ambience. This includes Clowns, pretty Furnishings, Toilets, what to Eat and a clean Station, which requires service forces. -the Sick go independently to their suitable Doctors, pay for their Treatment there, if necessary continue to receive further treatment, etc. -it takes the Sick too long, they are not well diagnosed or treated, or if the Environment does not suit them, they become dissatisfied and leave the Clinic-depending on whether the Sick were satisfied or have left the Ward prematurely increases or lowers the Call of the Clinic-there are Probabilities of how well diseases are diagnosed that can be improved (among other Things) by means of Research-there is a set goal in each Mission that one should achieve. Occasionally with Side targets. Example: Stay over 440 prestige (from 1 January) to 1 May and never come with the Account below 0. Pro:-I think the Basic Game idea is great-the Graphics are really nice, if a little monotonous-you don't have to give yourself frantically assigned Patients to the Doctors Contra :-You basically have too little Money. Yes, there are in several Games. Here hats the stupid Taste That one is constantly (that is, felt in a few Seconds Distance) pointed out by the Consultants, what one should please buy, because the customer/sick are so dissatisfied, or that one has not done any research for a while, or that it is Looks like on a pile Of misery. At the same time, it starts quite quickly after the Tutorial Missions that one of the Main Objectives of the quest Must not have the Account below 0. -From about the same Time, there are frequent Earthquakes in the Missions that make the Treatment Rooms unusable. Then first a Cleaner has to put the Room back to erection. Until then, there is, logically, no Money in it. -the Intelligence of the Cleaning Forces and Clowns leaves a lot to be desired. The Clown celebrates in the far Corner, where no one stands around, and the Serviceman scratches paper somewhere from the Ground, where grad all Treatment Rooms stand still because of one of the Earthquakes and no Income comes in. In Contrast to the Doctors, however, this Staff cannot be trained concretely, but only the Speed can be booed once through Research. -You can "dice" a few times when Setting, which three People are suggested to you, but that costs money again, and the Probability of having a good Hit is not so insanely high. -the Floor Plans are not so well tailored as to intuitively result from room occupancy. You can't rotate the rooms themselves either, as if you could put the Doors in a desired Direction to the Hallway. This leads to long Distances for the Sick, who are becoming more and more dissatisfied. -There's plenty of Stuff to unlock during a Mission. But just * for this one Mission *! Some basic Things are taken away from The start, other Things that are either terribly overpriced, or that offer no obvious Added Value, you have to unlock money for expensive money first, so that you can actually put them in the Hallway again against Coal. If at least they had been released for all Missions, I would still have looked at, but so I just did not have enough Money for that sort of thing all the Time. What is a pity is that maybe one or the other Object would actually be quite nice and usable. Verdict: I'm a patient person about games like this, but here my Fruit level has risen from the Point where the Compulsion with The money became so drastic. Either I don't understand a basic Game mechanics here (which is not explained to you in more detail, apart from the thousands of good Advice of the Consultants, who want to cheer you at the same time) or it is really so hard. I think that we need to Readjust here. That would be happy for me, because in and of itself I think the Idea is really good.
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