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Hot Brass

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Think before you shoot; all shots are fatal.

Experience the gritty, high-risk world of the elite SWAT operator. When SWAT gets the call, everything else has failed: you and your team are the last line of defense.

Feel the pressure of every split second decision with up to four players in local and online co-op. Work together to coordinate your tactics and learn from your mistakes. With a range of weapons and equipment to unlock, a non-lethal resolution is always the goal, but not always easy.

Utilise the destructible environment to determine the best approach to a confrontation: should you pick the lock, blast the wall, or try and lure them out? Only expert tactics and use of equipment can resolve each unique scenario ideally: with zero casualties and a slew of apprehended hostiles to process (but the police will handle that).

The job is tense, and every choice has consequences. But if you can keep a cool head, you have what it takes. Remember: slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Now let's see your Special Weapons and Tactics.

Stop those who stop at nothing

The city is bursting with dangerous criminals. Missions range from the suburbs to hardened criminal nests in seedy casinos. Adrenaline runs high as you plan out each mission, and you’ll have to make split-second decisions as the action unfolds.

Respond to a wide range of scenarios

You’ll be assigned hostage rescues, bomb defusals, raiding criminal nests, serving warrants, and more. Each mission plays out in real time, challenging you and your team to plan, deploy, hone and reflect.

Weapons and gadgets for every situation

You'll have a range of unlockable equipment to protect yourself and your team. But utilising non-lethal weapons, gadgets and tactics should be your go-to strategy. Saving civilians and detaining the enemies is always the goal.

Proceed with caution, as a team or a solo officer

Play as a team with up to 4 players in online and local co-op, or hone your skills as a solo player.

Communication is key

Working with your teammates may just save your life. Cover each other and confront enemies as a squad to make swift arrests and avoid loss of life.

Master or destroy each level

Sneak around the level without raising the alarm. Infiltrate by picking locks or blowing up entire walls. Your environment is fully destructible but you’ll need to choose your approach wisely.

Release date
Walk With Kings
Fellow Traveller, Treasure Hunters FanClub
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 MB RAM
  • Graphics: GPU: DirectX 9 compatible
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

System requirements for macOS

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Last Modified: Jul 26, 2021

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No Pressure
Unlock the Thermal Vision Goggles.
Unlock the M4.
Wall Burrow
Unlock the TRR8.
Fast Learner
Unlock the Difficulty modifier.
Unlock the Night Vision Goggles.
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