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How to Survive

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How to Survive is survival horror action role-playing with a top-down perspective. The players gain control over the three survivors who, after the shipwreck, were trapped on the archipelago full of zombies. Three main characters are representing three different ways to play the game: Kenji is the most balanced handyman, incredibly fast Abbie and fighter Jack.

In the game, two game modes: story campaign and challenge mode, you can both go with a company of two friends. The essence of the Challenge mode is that the heroes need to get to the opposite part of the island, where they are waiting for the boat.

To survive the calamity, players need to collect materials and craft weapons - do everything to survive on a hostile island. As the hero level ups, new skills will be available. Players are not limited in time and can perform all tasks at their own pace. For an additional difficulty, the game has Ironman mode.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Ati 5700 series/NVIDIA GeForce GT240 or equivalent
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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How to Survive reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is a classic Case of very good Idea, but very poor Implementation. You play one of four Characters to pick. Since you can play any single Character, and start a new Game for, the whole thing offers a Kind of Replayability (since the Characters differ only minimally, in my Opinion, not too much). You start on an Island, you don't quite know what's going on and you have to fight back against Zombies. The name "how To Survive" survival manuals are collected, which are very well scripted and animated. You'll Also encounter characters who give you tasks that you naturally perform. The Gameplay is quite simple. The Controls are that of a twin stick shooter, with the Controller it works quite well, Mouse I haven't tried. One has melee and later Ranged Weapons. Each of the Weapons Differs in Hit Accuracy, Area damage, speed, Damage, Etc. Hitting with the Guns I find too simplistic, you just strike all the Time, there's no Way to do skill kills or Anything like That. The only thing is that you can make an instant kill when you see the corresponding Button. The Long-distance weapons are similar, you aim until the Circle becomes a red Crosshairs and you can take Headshots. Even the Gameplay I don't find interesting enough to recommend the Game. It's not bad, but it's not good either. It's just a means to An end. Unfortunately, the Purpose of the Game is misguided. You have a limited Inventory that is already full after the first Island. I found myself in Distress all The time, somehow managing my Inventory, huh am I taking that with me now or net? I could use at some point ... And the bad thing is: I was running around with Stuff I had no Idea how and when to use them. With 3 Ranged Weapons, 2 Melee Weapons, Ammunition, Food and Tools, the Inventory was almost full. In addition, there were Questones (including for side Quests) in Addition to The sticking Point of the Game: You don't have a Base. If I Had a small Base that I could maybe expand a little, and you would have a Box in which you could store a lot, that would be a lot better. How can I know when I found this item again or had to leave it? Impossible For me. Among other things, I interrupted the Game because of this, I had full inventory again and was supposed to collect several Things again, for which I would have no Room. I had left the other Things in a "Base" and no longer know where it actually is. Apropo one of these Bases: There are so-called "Safehones" scattered across the Islands. They must be freed every single one in order to be able to use them. The Zones are perhaps 4 by 4 meters in size and about 20 Zombies come out during The Liberation Attempt. how? No idea. And lured by the Surroundings by the Noise even more. Which makes the whole thing degenerate Into a Hectic Due to the simple Gameplay. It's just exhausting and I didn't enjoy It at all. Once the Zone has been ingested, it can be used to Sleep. But You cannot stop them or guard them or guard them any other thing. Every now and then it's that you want to sleep and you still have to do 5 or more Zombies that have become unsettled. Annoying. The Main Missions and the Side Quests are not at all varied. Go there, collect that, come back, go again, collect 5 of them and keep them until you have everything together, because Inventory space is not important. That's the way I'm sorry, anyway. Backtracking is Part of the Game because, for Example, I now get Explosive Weapons at 50% of the Game, and then I can rattle everything off on every Island. Since the Rest already does not entertain me, this is another Reason not to continue playing the Game. The next big Point is that the Zombies on each Island get stronger and you have little Progress yourself. And if you have that, it will be destroyed by it. I think this is very bad Balancing. Overall, I think it's a shame, because you could have made so much of it. With How to Survive 2 they seem to go down this Path, but this is still Early Access. In any case, I definitely can't recommend the first Part, not even in the Sale.
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