Hunter's Legacy reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
I downloaded the demo of this game and left me with a bittersweet taste and wanting to follow it, so I decided to buy it. PERSONAL NOTE: 8/10 the GOOD THING:-The music is great and agrees perfectly with the maps in which it plays, achieving that much of what we feel during the levels is thanks to this (tension, desire to explore, tranquility, etc); Get that humming without giving you a little account. -The Visual section has very good details, it seems nice and correct. -The designs of the enemies are very well raised and there is a considerable variety of them. -Like any Metroidvania, has powers, and with them we can adjustment access to areas in maps already visited to which previously we had no access without such power. Here comes the good thing, in order to improve the weapons and health of Ikki, our protagonist cat, we need to access these special areas and collect "ore", material indispensable for it. Since These levels are a small challenge and adding that without accepting these challenges will not be able to improve, add an extra time of play, which on the one hand is not a big deal, but on the other, I think it is very well raised. (It Must be said that not all the ores are challenges, for example, the first one you get it easily). THE BAD:-(General level Design) May seem a little chaotic, this and we do not have a map for the levels as such (if there is a map, but is to teleport between zones, without further detail), does that from time to time (at least to me has happened) Do not feel a bit lost and even that we do not know to reach places that we have seen before. -(Patricular levels Design) Many areas have seemed to me super interesting for their approach, like the Snowy volcano, with an idea that I had never seen before. -Some bosses can get frustrated. As an anecdote, I had planned to make the achievement of passing the game without improving anything, but now that I have finished the final boss with all the improvements, I lost interest in it; Perhaps in the future... NEUTRAL:-The title has a short-medium duration, duration that can be lengthened if we want to get 100% of the game or make us with all the achievements. -I've Barely seen bugs or glitches, beyond objects that are not removed from screen in due time. -The difficulty of the game is acceptable, having points that we must repeat several times to overcome them, but without becoming excessively difficult. -The story is no big deal, in fact, I would say that is a simple excuse to enjoy the game with at least one base; Although it would be nice to give a little depth even to the world in which it develops or the characters. -The end leaves open a possibility to meet again with Ikki in the future; Honestly, I think that the world that have created the people of Canvas has great potential and improving a couple of little things (not to last the game, but they do make you enjoy less at certain points), can be a title Lord. In short, without being the game of the year, Hunter Legacy is allowed to play and want for all its sections, taking Fallitos in some, but... Who is perfect?