I Am In Heaven - episode3(Latest!)

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Hi all and welcome!

I`m an indie game developer and I`m creating  adult visual novels with choices that influence gameplay. There are currently 2 in development, with lots of content already.  You can see the progress on the game's on my Patreon page or my website!

Please check out my Patreon Page for more news and updates!

DISCLAIMER: I cannot give Patreon rewards to those who chose to pay for the game on itch.io, you should only pay for the game here if you for some reason can't do it on Patreon, but still want to support the game development!

This is the Episode3 I am in heaven version 0.03(March 2020 release). This is the latest version of Episode3. You`re buying the game in this state!!! .  This is a sequel to game Episode1 and 2 I am in heaven which is required to play prior to this release!(But you can start new game without playing previous!) Next update will be episode3 v0.04!



  • Corruption
  • Forbidden love
  • Explicit scenes
  • Romance
  • MILF
  • Teen
  • Sex
  • Feet

This is a game about seduction and "intricate" relationship. You don`t remember who you are and where exactly are you. All you know is that the women around you are incredible sexy... Choose your choices, try to regain your memory, but beware... You`re just a man after all!

Visual novel style game. Multiple choices, relationship buildup, monetary system and many more...

  • Mother
  • Sister
  • Girlfriend
  • Aunt
  • Girlfriend(Lisa)

Some other character also...

Game features over 900+ unique images

Animations(Lots of)

Around 500MB in size(Highly compressed)

Approximately more then an hour of gameplay...(more, if you try different choices)

Playable in different platforms(Pc, Linux, Mac, Android)

Android users!:

Game is not meant to be played on android devices but it works! Read instructions after downloading. I suggest you play this game on PC, Mac or Linux!

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Last Modified: Mar 16, 2020

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