Immortals of Aveum reviews

Boy oh boy would I have been pissed paying full price for this game. Starting with the good, this game has lots of color. I also really like the FPS magic thing. As a big Hexen fan, I always enjoyed the Wizard shooting lightning or the Cleric's fire gloves. While this game doesn't have that much variety of magic, it is still a fresh perspective.

 Now the bad. Pretty much everything about the game. The story and it's dialogue are terrible. Mostly a handful of made up words and McGuffins, some of it sounds like AI wrote it. On top of that the VO is all over the place in terms of quality. Some it's fine and then some sounds like they recorded on a 20 year old mic in a closet.

 The gameplay doesn't fare much better. The game wants a certain finesse and accuracy that it just doesn't have with its weapons. The movement can be clunky, the platforming even more so. I found the disrupt ability didn't work have the time. There is also not much balance to the progression of the game and your build. On top of all that you just get killed far too easily even with the shield. It really seemed like the game thought it was something else than what you were playing. The final thing is that this game is just too fucking long. It's so bland and boring and it takes almost 16 hours to beat. I cannot overstate how much this game overstayed its welcome.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»