Innate Imperfections

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Inna is 22 and a social recluse with a most unusual skillset: assassination. Under pressure of changing her ways, she takes on an assignment very different from what's she's accustomed to. Her new job requires her to look out for a 17-year-old girl while she is in college. What sounded like an easy piece of work – with the plus of turning over a new leaf – turns out to be quite the predicament for Inna... in more than one way.

This release features 3 complete endings, and 1 ongoing one.

Inna Antonova:

The protagonist.
Inna generally avoids social interactions, save for the ones with her contacts and clients. Contrary to her "cold" professional image, when relaxing at home she could be mistaken for any other regular 22-year-old girl.

Lillian Garland:

The romantic interest.
Lillian is a 17-year-old, outgoing college girl with a stubborn streak that she most likely inherited from her father, a successful lawyer.

Samuil Atonov:

Inna's adoptive father.
Currently in the hospital, his health waning with each passing day. He's the main reason why Inna feels compelled to change her ways.

Ray Garland:

Lillian's father.
A well-known and ambitious lawyer. He's rarely home, but when he is he tries to make up for lost time by spending lavishly on Lillian.


Inna's primary contact for work opportunities.
A mysterious, brusque man with a mind for business. He appears to have some shady connections.

Writing: DarkSin
Art: DarkSin
Music: Noyemi K
Editing: Shadow
Programming: DarkSin, Helvetica Standard
UI Designing: DarkSin

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Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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