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Includes "Spoilers" That are necessary and are not given in the Introduction! Buy ' it, but not now! The one Where there is little time, please scroll down I bought it, thanks to a small Installation Size of only 54.9 MB and my very good Internet Line, that took just a Minute. No Depencies like Physics X because it's all based on the Unity Engine. beautiful! 1. So The first Launch UIG Entertainment is the Publisher. VIS Games are the Developers. = > Impressive Logos (animations) Main Menu: Between 11-14 FPS (, it's actually just a Wallpaper?!). No matter what Settings. First Impression: Mies. In Some cases, the Hovereffects are too delayed. The Main Menu is also "VIS Games like," who has played other Games of Yours, will know what I mean. The Design is ok. But a Menu item is more misleading. "Download the Game." And that is a "Storage Level" after each Level, there is no Level Selection as you know it, but simply a confusing List with all Levels. Anyone who thought that multiple People could Play independently of each other: No way, except each Person remembers what Level they were at. First Action: Options to try to have it liquid in the Main Menu. 2. Death options: Here you can select Screen Resolution, representation, Object Detail, shadow quality and language. As Well As Brightness, Volume, and a few Mouse Options. And Anti-aliasing. Here you can complain directly: Where can I turn the Music without hearing the actual Sound? Besides, I don't understand anything like Shadow quality, Object Quality in such a Game, it doesn't make much Difference, with the Scene always illuminated right away. Did you copy that out from other Games? At the later Levels, the actual Sounds are important and not the Music, the same For game Mechanics. 3. The Music Is beautiful in itself, but it doesn't fit the Game at all. It sounds, no Joke, like it's the next Pineview Drive/Obscuritas, if you hear some Places like that. It distracts more from Concentration. And, I can't turn off the Music one at a time so as not to lose the other Sound. 4. The first Start/The Game mechanics * Carrier * It reminds me of Pineview Drive ... * träum * You get a very short Briefing, which you have to fill all the "Dreher" With each "Murmurs" of one Color four times for them to explode. End. These Strokes on the Edge, by the way, mean how many More Ropes I have to explode to win. I lost directly at the Beginning, did not pay attention to the Text, but did what the Trailer once did. The Lamp to the right of the "Murmelbahn" Indicates which marble could come next. However, this is to be treated with Caution, because it may also happen that a "Universal Murmur" appears, which one would rather have somewhere else. That leads to Stress and it's not as fair as hoped. By The way, still unmentioned: You have to "classify" the marble that is at the top of the track within a Time Limit, otherwise when the Red Bar is full at the Top, under the starting Mumbling Track, you go Game Over. Intermediate conclusion: This saves on the Introduction, you have to try more than you already know. 2 Sentences are definitely too little. 5. The Graphics: Nothing exciting, the Pictures above say it all. It's ok, but a Difference between bad and good Graphics settings is either nonexistent or too small. 6. Opinion: Buy only when it is cheaper! €8is simply too much in the Defects that still exist. Whether Updates are yet to come, no Idea? + Pro: + Game Principle + Game per Excess is Liquid 0 Zero: 0 GRAPHICS 0 No big, "I MUST NOW WEITERMACHEN" Compulsion 0 Players must like the Puzzle, Otherwise no Fun-negative:-Window mode not present. -Introduction, way too short-Lag in the Main Menu-price, way too expensive-Music, inappropriate, distracts-music not switchable individually-Settings that don't make much sense? -Only 50 Levels. -No Knowledge of whether there is anything else changed about the Game or whether there are No Patches-Game Is Person-bound-Uncluttered Level selection menu-No Sync about the Steam Cloud. Game is tied to game PC, sometimes on the Laptop the Game just keep going: Just don't go, you have to start a new Game. TO be continued.