Insurgency: Sandstorm reviews

Journal Style Review:

First couple hours led with a decent first impression. The guns feel great. The number of guns is impressive and I like the load out system. I’m kind of torn on all the guns and unlocks being available to begin with. It’s sort of refreshing but I also feel like I’ll miss the sense of progression from unlocks.

I really like testing out different guns. That’s been fun. 

13 ish hours in. I love the feel of the guns, and the unique load outs you can create. The problem is a lot of games it just feels like I walk around a corner and immediately die. I’m not the biggest fan of the game modes and map feel. But it has some great moments spread out between frustration. 

I wish there were battlefield style game modes and maps with these realistic feeling guns. Maybe it would be too chaotic but the idea sounds great to me.

Final Score: B+
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A very Game, much better than its Predecessor, but... UM GOTTES WILL. BEKOMMT ENDLICH MAL THIS UNFASSBAR NERVTENDEN BUGS IN THE GRIFF. One tries to pick up an object such as a Weapon or a Grenade, but the Game requires that the Object lie still on the Ground and that one stands exactly above it. In other words, you can't pick up such a Grenade in the Roll. I've seen myself and other Players die continuously since the Alpha because you have to invest 10-15 Seconds to pick up a Grenade. A lot happens on a Battlefield in 15 Seconds! Then there are these unfathomably annoying Bugs that it sometimes takes just 5 Seconds to change the Weapon. I was just the last Survivor in a Co-op Mission and fought my way Through the Area with my Gun and placed explosives. Then I hop into Cover, to Safety, to get the Detonator out for the Bomb. I pick the Detonator and there's just nothing happening. I just have original NOTHING in my Hand while an Opponent sneaks quite cosily to my Position and still gets myself with misguided shots because this Dirty game is too incompetent to get its Shit on the Line. It's pretty MUCH EVERYTHING right now. Bodies just stay ducked and do nothing. When you shoot at them, you reveal your Position. However, it is only then that you realise that this is a bugged Corpse. Heavy Guns automatically know someone's Position once you're in their FOV. What is this? I thought her was advertising with a realistic, tactical Shooter? I lie in the Distance on a Mountain to support my Team by Sniper Rifle. On miles Away, I target an Opponent turned with his Back to me. Somewhere in the middle of the Village, he has no Idea where I am. Then I shoot with the sound-steamed Sniper Rifle, the Bullet just goes through the Enemy, with no Damage. He turns instant around, still makes in the Spin 'n Noscope shot and gives me a Headshot, with nem ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ing machine gun. I don't want to start From The Replay mode in the first place, that's a Joke, is it? EVERY Replay is bugated on the ÜBELSTE. When Vehicles are used in the Replay, the Car teleports back and forth, Drivers are not visible, some Soldiers are NOT seen. Bugged Soldiers sprint in The crawled state because some Shit is triggered and the Rest of the Replay can be thrown into the Ton after just under 3 Minutes. Other Than that, the Game is as I wished. Almost perfect. Graphic top. Noise + Gunsounds top. Animations top. Character Design top. Physics top. All top, except for this unfathomably annoying Dirty. Oh... And why do I have to joine for every Dirty Lobby for just under 3-5 Minutes? My PC is good, yet the Loading Simply drags on Eeeeeeeeewiggness and in felt 40-50% of Cases the loading even takes so long that in the End I just get the Message that the Connection with the Host has been disconnected. So much Potential in this Game. I've waited so long until just now I've enjoyed it-but these always and recurring, Nerve-busting bugs make it More unplayable day in and Day out. You get mocked because you can't kill because of these Dirty Bugs ' common Soldiers, because you stand behind him but just nothing works ... Was just ' n Example. Sun. Jetz ' is better off me. Therapy to The end.