iO reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
iO offers you more than 150 levels in this skill game I consider iO to be a game of skill but it is also a game of platforms and a physics game. You drive a ball that you can enlarge or shrink at will and according to your need and your goal is to bring it in a minimum of time in the teleporter to the next level. Each level is a kind of maze with different color walls. Every color matches something. The light blue is the ordinary wall. Red is lava and so if you touch it, the game is over. The rose is a teleporter, you go in a pink line, you come out in another pink line, etc. There is no history in iO. There are just levels to be done over and over again. It is a game of skill that makes time pass in a rather pleasant way and for a price more than very affordable. Finally, we note that iO is completely translated into French. It can be a detail for some, but it's so nice to have a game in your own language. To learn more about iO, read my comments! []
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Under the platform and the elements, a circumference coexist I think the main thing is to know our ball or circumference. This can expand or reduce it, and move it to right or left, with the arrow keys; We'll have a free hand. If a moving ball by a platform we expand it, it will get more mass, an extra force because the displacement plays in favor of the turn/gravity, so the acceleration increases. If instead of expanding the reduced speed would decrease otherwise. If the ball is stopped and we spin, start, the small ball will start earlier because it weighs less (we always have the same force in the control). Bone, the start of the ball will be a thing that will have to weigh always, setting a half measures for a good boot and what we propose to do. A moving ball can metaphorically serve as a gear. Thanks to the force of the player with the keys of direction we will be able to start up a slope of 45 degrees without many problems and to check of what unique force we counted. Little by little we will check that it would be possible that something round can go up a vertical platform without special skills, or to dominate the ball in the air, always with luck because the real time is too fast for our response, and the Sequence dominance in the control is very complicated. The levels will be complicated to get us on the same level several semi-independent problems, which after a difficult time, we will have more things if we reach the end, to the point indicated. 225 levels to do with a circumference... It's not an ordinary circumference. The Game Although it is difficult to try to convey through the design of the levels some clue of how to do things. For me this game is great and everything is well emulated.