Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

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Fate doesn’t make a hero -- you must grab your blade and become one yourself!

Forge your destiny in Iron Blade; a thrilling action RPG set in a medieval Europe filled with monsters and magic. Explore a world brought to life with console-quality graphics as the innovative -- yet easy-to-learn -- combat system throws you into one heart-pounding battle after another!

Collect amazing weapons, explore breathtaking real-world locations and test your skills against millions of other players, as you build your own domain and engage in exciting PvP challenges.


- A demonic army approaches! Soon, they will devour all of humanity unless you can fulfill the prophecy and seal them away for good.
- Unravel a plot full of intrigue and bitter betrayal as you fight through the challenging story missions.
- Explore a world rich in lore and set in a fantastic alternate-reality Europe, full of legendary warriors and arcane mysteries.
- Your adventure will take you through many awe-inspiring locations, from fighting off demon knights in Notre Dame to banishing vampires in Transylvania.

- Everyone can enjoy the deep and thrilling combat controls, which were specially designed for mobile and allow you to smoothly perform amazing chains of attacks against numerous enemies.
- Develop your own fighting style by linking up taps and swipes to perform monster-crushing combos.
- Face a fearsome variety of foes from vampires to undead soldiers, each brought to life with amazing graphics, animations and combat abilities.
- Unleash deadly special attacks and finishing moves that deliver a grisly end to any who dare challenge you.

- Collect a massive selection of weapons and armour along your adventure.
- Upgrade your gear to customise your combat strengths and style.
- Unleash devastating spells and skills on your foes.

- Establish your own domain that you can fortify with a castle.
- Acquire and upgrade castle defenders to protect your domain and its resources while you’re away.
- Raid other players’ castles to crush their defences and loot their most valuable resources for yourself!


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Last Modified: Oct 22, 2019

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Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
The game looks cool and the gameplay is a bit above mediocre. Problems I have is during combats I keep getting Reconnection over and over again which destroys the whole game session over time to a point that it gets frustrating. Also Ads play randomly in the menues, a big turn off for a free game. Use them to do something else not browsing the menues. Controls for combat tells te player to tap or drag in direction, I keep doing that but still the character is able to fire a whole other way. Make this more simple with a smart system, when an archer shoots just press arrow instead of draging and instead shoot another character..
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
This latest update has problems on the iPad Pro the text is too big and comes out of the screen overlapping with all the rest then the chest that every 6 hours it regenerates and from The publicity is gone no you see + a little bit all a mess maybe if you before Publicarl Or queso update to your say Fii Bug you would have tested it all this oh would happen it's a shame you added more bugs with this I hope you solve these anomalies in no time... And look just that the, development team reduce the size of the font.. I wonder but you test these updates before releasing them???? Hello. We are disappointed to hear that! However, we delivered a fix for the loss of progress that you experienced and it should have returned. Please Enter the game and let us know if it did. Thank You
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I am a person, not even ashamed, who spends a lot of time (free) to play on different media. I fell by chance on this game... well designed even if you can do better but the devs open the debate, Exchange with us in order to optimize it, it is rare nowadays believe me. An addictive game, one does not get bored at all, if free time a lot of things to do. But the most important is the eyes for a game dedicated to phones, tablets, etc... It is not necessary at all to invest a single euro to evolve. Obviously if you are impatient, you can do it lol but frankly tlmde can up without having the impression of being completely dumped by those who have the means (no reproaches, a realization that is all) and that in the world of gambling on these platforms ... It's more than rare!!! I advise this game at 100%, thanks to the developers who try to keep in touch with us and who suddenly did not stay in their conceit bubbles as we see too often (I would not cite games even the one I play for more than 4 years... they will recognize each other)
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