Iron Tides reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review should Always be Vikings... Negative review only because of the abandonment of the game developers, in general, the game at a discount of 50% has enough content, though not finished. A Game about Vikings robbing anything that is bad swims or lies and that is good too. In fact, the party turn-Based tactics with elements of survival. Pros: Classes. Different classes of characters with different skills and roles, with different classes also have a different set of skills that can change their role in battle. Tactics. Given the variety of skills classes tactics in the game worthy, some classes can provoke the enemy, others heal or strengthen allies, there are skills to transfer action points. After killing give extra action points, which allows you to do a combination of murders. Attacks from the flanks, the enemy with the shield is difficult to hit in the face, but on the side or behind it does not block. Different opponents use different tactics: the Knights use the wall shields and archers, and the pirates are just individual strong fighters. Bagel. Fights are generated randomly except for the story missions, for all the time the game has not met the same fights. Graphics. For Indie games in 3D is very even usable. The Style of the Vikings and a variety of opponents is. Cons: Plot. Not so serious minus for such a game, but in fact it is not, prehistory and a few textual descriptions of levels or opponents that's all. Survival. Curve and not thoughtful element, the need for food as such is not, its a lot and it does not end, but the death of the characters is a separate problem. And It's not about death, but about finding a new Viking for a long time. Pumping takes a huge amount of time, sway only those who participated in the battle, and the experience is divided equally, which makes it easier to restart the battle than to humble with the loss of even 1. This Whole system is too time consuming without any real benefit, add here also a random set of skills, and passive skills that are not visible until you pump, and find a useful Viking in the team takes forever. Balance. The Balance here certainly does not smell, some classes and skills are much better than others, a number of passive skills in general useless, for example + 20% to a chance of Crete when health less than 50% for archers which do not beat. On The other hand, the lack of precision skill makes any class on damage useless. Opponents also use a number of unbalanced skills not available to the player. It should also be noted that some opponents do not play by the rules, that is, if your archers can not shoot through obstacles and punching shields, the enemy suddenly can all this, or blows that completely ignore rooting and block and inflict huge damage Survive which can only a very tenacious fighter. Monotony. Although the same fights and did not meet, but the same opponents and their tactics in general quickly bored, as each faction uses one and the same, and the fights will be very much, and even if you have and will not have losses and the need to pump new Vikings in the squad , monotony you get bored quickly. Since really interdreams are only plot tasks with bosses. Abandoned. For a Long time has not been updated, and the developers ran away. The Chance to complete the game is minimal. Conclusion: Many Vikings do not happen. In General, a good party tactic-a bagel, with different opponents but an ill-conceived element of survival. If It was finished and not abandoned by the developers, could come out a decent game in its genre. But at the moment if you take it only on the discount 50% + and the connoisseurs of Vikings and tactics, let it not complete, but on the clock 10 games enough.