ISLAND reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
It's a wonderful Visual novel. ... well, that's all my English is capable of doing, so I'm going to continue in French. Especially since there are very few comments in French, and I find it a pity. So, island, island... What to say. One of my best visual novel, seriously. I'd be almost ready to classify it on the same level as a rewrite. See above. Island is one of those Visual novel that takes guts. One of these Visual novel that improves on each line. The more the scenario progresses, the more you realize that the story is much more complex than can be believed at first. carefully. I was already charmed by finishing my first road – Karen's – and I was very far from suspecting what was going to happen next. If you think it's a simple date SIM, where you play a beast protag ' that lives a more or less hectic romance with a heroine, you are far from the account. Very far from the account, even to light years away. Island is a cast of awesome characters. All the same as the others. Each one has its reasons, its strengths, its weaknesses, its emotions, its character, its evolution. No characters are free. No character is just a cliché put there to make it pretty. They're real characters. So yes, maybe there are no Super badarse characters, extraordinary or what do I still know... but they are living characters. And this simple fact is enough to make them much more extraordinary than the most extraordinary of the characters. And can I conclude this paragraph not to mention humour? Of course not. I don't remember since when I burst out laughing in front of my screen like this. Not just a little lip shrug or a nose blow. No, a real laugh. The kind of laughter that takes several minutes to stop. The kind of ridiculous laughter to which one is ashamed just to rethink it. And if I was able to laugh so much, it's not just because of the humor of the game. In fact, a humor alone is nothing. But if we combine it with endeant characters, living characters, characters who make you want to laugh and cry for them, then there is no limit. Even the most null valve becomes the most hilarious. Really, island's character cast is one of his biggest strengths. The catalyst of all the intense emotion flowing through each click. Island is also a rich, long and complex scenario. A scenario that explores each character wonderfully, and reveals all facets. Once again, nothing is free. All the topics, even those that seem minimal, come together and form an even richer. I'm dying to get into the details, but I don't want to spoil, of course. Just know that there is a lot to be said on the subject. And finally, island, it's a whirlwind of emotion. Island, it's a Visual novel that made me cry. That makes me cry. I throw a little my life like this but... I had to stop writing this cobblestone for a few dozen minutes, because the tears did not want to stop. You may know this feeling, when there is too many emotions that accumulate in you, and that suddenly escapes. That's what island's about to provoke. I really look silly, there, with my face a little messed up. The worst part is that deep down, I don't even know why I'm crying. The screenplay? The fact that I finished the story? Or is it just emotions? After all, there is not necessarily a need for reason to be overwhelmed with feelings. It's a little personal what I'm saying, but nevermind. That's what Island caused me to do. This strange ridden of unknown emotion, which pushes me to write this cobblestone, to share my experience with the world. This is the real purpose of this comment in true. All that happiness that I got from Island, I want to share it. I know that others will not have my opinion, that some may find the VN null, but it does not matter. If among a hundred people, only one is like me, and thanks to my sharing it meets as many wonderful emotions as I felt, then that is enough for me. So that's it, I'm done. A small pavement write under the impulse of an emotion. An overflow of emotion. The willingness to share happiness. Nothing more, nothing less.