Islet Online reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review is a Good beta game, despite the fact that the game has not added most of the features, it has something to do. The game Is all based on the player's skills. At First, playing at low levels is not so interesting, but if you immerse yourself in the game for 1-2 weeks, you will achieve good results and play is much more interesting. At the moment, in the game you can make a series of jumps (depending on the level), climb the walls, fly the birds (also depending on your.), swim, fish, fight, hunt animals and more. Also, the game has a system of Topa (rating), tops are divided into several sections, in which anyone can get into the leaders. There is Also a rating of private cards, in which players can build steep buildings on their cards and vote for other people's cards. A Private card is your Small world on a large server where you can build anything without fear that someone will destroy it. And What's good, on private maps There are settings, that is, you can block access to your card as a single player, and everyone. By the Way, if you do not like to "survive", you can install DLC on creative mod, and create everything you want (but, unfortunately, it works only on the local server). In the game There is a trade. You can scrap the stall and expose it on any map, and sell any items, resources, blocks, animals, weapons, etc. Instead of money, but the same items, resources, etc. But for a successful trade, you still need to familiarize yourself with the prices of other players, in order not to sell blocks of dirt for gold bullion. By the Way, the game has limited things that were available during a certain period, it concerns both paid things and crafting things. Such things are usually added to the holidays, so you can stock them, and later sell, boldly inflated the price. Still worth mentioning the animals in the game. On animals It is possible to hunt (to catch, to tame), to kill or to caress. From The animals you can get meat to cook the food, or to pull the skin to also scrap anything. If You catch rabbits, you can make a farm and multiply them. Breeding of animals is quite fast, so for example, rabbit can be obtained in 3-4 hours (real time). Also, the animals can be repainted in any colors, but only a certain pattern for each animal, but there are also full color (completely red, green, blue, etc.) animal. To get a full color of animals, you only need to repaint the female and male in the desired colour, and release them on the farm for further breeding. But It is worth considering that the chance of giving birth to a full color of the cub-0.03%, so if you get a rare colour, you can sell it for very valuable resources. For reproduction of full color of animals, by the way, not required any skills or levels. In general, you can do anything in the game (almost). The Game is suitable for those who like to stick to the long. Approximately, for 200 hours, you can already pump all the necessary skills. I also Want to say that the game is very good developers, they often listen to the opinion of the players, and go to them to the meeting. Still worth mentioning good community games, very friendly and cheerful players play in Islet Online. Unfortunately, at the moment, the game is very few Russian players, so you have to play and communicate with Koreans and Chinese (sometimes meet players from other countries). Yes, the price is great, 400 rubles. Of Course, it's best to buy it on sale. But The game does not stand still, for 2 years in the game changed and added a pile of everything. So If you bought the game and you didn't like it-play it in a year or two, and it is possible that something will catch you in it. If you doubt the purchase of the game, you can play the Demo version, but it does not give you enough, because for 2 hours in the demo, you can only chat, and run on the cards.