Jack And The Batteries

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Jack & The Batteries
Requires HTC VIVE and Steam VR!

This is a multiplayer VR game which explores a unique movement mechanic in a 3D environment. This was done for an university assignment using Unity and HTC Vive. One player plays in VR and the other using keyboard & mouse.

PC Player's plays a tiny astronaut who is stranded in front of a wired space gaint's house. His goal is to collect all the 3 batteries in the house and return to his ship. He needs to avoid being caught by the VR Player(The Giant) and his evil cats. Touching the cats or getting hit by the Giant's paintbrush will stun.

The Gaint needs to stop the PC player from collecting all the batteries by throwing his poke-balls at him. Stun the astronaut by hitting him with your magical paintbrush. To move simple touch the paintbrush to the pokeball before throwing and where the ball where ever you want to move.

This was made in unity and programmed and design solely by me. The art models where all sourced from Google Poly. Please refer the readme file in the game folder to see the credits.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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