Jack is gonna die

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IMPORTANT! This character looks like Phteven Jobs... but there is totally no relationship between him and jack!


This is my LudumDare27 entry "Jack is gonna Die!". The Theme was about "you have only 10 seconds"... Yeah. It was hard and more then 70% of the cool planed game features has been scrubbed while work in progress. Now I've created the game only with the core features for the theme "10 seconds!" It was the second time participating at LudumDare. It was really funny again.

The Idea:
Jack has been contaminated by radioactivity... he has only 10 seconds left to life. He want to see his family for a last time. There are pills that can help him. Get them. Every pill will refill his 10 seconds lifetime battery... Guard him home...

how to play:
left arrow key = go left
right arrow key = go right
up arrow key = jump
alt = puke (that radioactive puke kills enemys)
space bar = swallow a pill

WARNING: There is no visiual indicator for the time that is left... only a "ping"... you have to count seconds and swallow the pill at the right moment. If you are Dead... you have to restart at the starting position ;)

Canceled Features:

  • More then one level
  • More animations
  • Better controlls for platfomer (glitches)
  • Teleporter
  • More enemys
  • better sounds
  • cool selfmade music

Bugs... funny bug, devastating bugs, annoying bugs all the other bugs you can imagine :)

Release date
Benjamin Vockenberg
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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