Jack of All Blades

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This is a 2D top-down RPG where you play as Jack, a prince who has lost his home to a horde of grotesque monsters. Take back what is rightfully yours using a variety of weapons and skills!

WASD to move | 1 is dagger, 2 is halberd, 3 is bow | LMB is a basic attack, RMB is a basic ability, SPACEBAR is the ultimate | Beware of cooldowns!

Don't be afraid of death: when you respawn, you will be able to buy additional health or an attack power-up for 3 coins each if you so wish.

Skill Descriptions:

Dagger: LMB is a quick jab, RMB throws a kunai and you teleport to it on enemy contact, and SPACEBAR empowers your next attack to instantly execute an enemy

Halberd: LMB is a AoE swing, RMB is LMB but larger and more powerful, and SPACEBAR can be used 4 times in succession to quickly burst down a large group

Bow: LMB fires a simple arrow, RMB fires an ice arrow that does a considerable amount of damage, and SPACEBAR empowers your LMB to pierce through all enemies and deal tons of damage

Project Made for UC Berkeley Video Game Design and Development DeCal

Team Members: Ryan C., Varun M., Alan S., Sam S.

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Last Modified: Dec 13, 2019

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