Jackie's Super Relaxing Ice Fishing

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[Description as written on the original GameMaker Community forum post, originally June 7, 2015.]

Once again, thanks to Jbax's Winter Challenge of last year, I present you a new game! Please enjoy Jackie's Super Relaxing Ice Fishing, another Suh Burb spin-off!


Though it was more of a tech demo for the competition, I've built up the framework to turn it into an actual game. It's still really early, but I'm working on it to take little breaks from my main game project. 

Current Key Feature List:

- 4 stages to fish in

- Automatic save games

- 3D Oceanscape and fish

- Fishing line physics!

- Water distortion shader

How to Play:

Catch all fish in as few throws as possible! Aim with the cursor and charge a shot by holding the left mouse button. Click again to reel them in!

Final Notes:

- Many graphics and audio is currently borrowed for the sake of getting a quick prototype running. Assets will be replaced by originals as the game progresses.

- Like Winterboarder, this concept was written with a possible integration to Suh Burb in mind. It's not out of the question to assume that it may eventually have a mini-game similar to this.

- It is currently short on content, but it's enough to get the main idea out there and hopefully get a little feedback. The savegame system was written knowing that updates may occur often and progress should not be lost between updates.

- I really hope you enjoy your time out on the water. :)

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Chris Bradel
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Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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