Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, the Game freezes on the Loading Screen! If you get fixed as quickly as possible, the Game will go back! Addendum: After the unfortunate Start from the Game. The Developers probably worked on the Problem over the Weekend, and got it done in a timely manner. Kudos for That! So I got to try the Game. And what can I say, it really excited me! mMn the Best Successor of all Jagged Alliance 2 Successors I've played so far. (Brigarde, Hired Guns or Flashback) Back in Action is not a Jagged Alliance for me, just played the Demo, and with the Decision not to make it turn-based they bucked it! Jagged Alliance Online is not a "Jagged Alliance 3"! But As the Developers themselves note. There's just a lot missing from the Game for that. There are no Grenades as far as I have played so far, there are no Melee weapons. No climbing or lying. Just simplified everything a bit. The Mercs do sneaking automatically, for example, when you run in a duckled Posture. And the Skill of the Merc then decides how well it does. There is also no great Story like in JA2, where you just have to liberate an Island and conquer Sectors. As a result, the cool Joke of JA2 from the Mercenaries falls away from the Mercenaries among themselves or with NPC. Instead, one simply builds up one's Mercenary Company by accepting Orders from different Parties, almost as a Bische A team moderately;-) I find The Approach very appealing. So far, there has been a lot of things you don't have. Let's Get to what JAO offers. A lot of Items (Weapons, Armor, Headgear) in different Quality Levels, as you know it from Games like Diablo or the like. All of them are also shown at the Merc. There is also a Crafting System. The Graphics are often not up to date, if you pass it with X-Com, for example, although you have to say that the Game was made for the Browser, but it is already a charming Graphic. There is a PvP Mode, for the first time you can compete with your Troupe against another Player! The old Mercenaries from JA2! Some Things changed to adapt them to the Gameplay, but just that be present, the Name is already a big Plus for me! Let's stick with the Gameplay. Refreshingly simple and "unclumsy," ok the Word does not exist;-) But what I want to say is all simple, just with left and Right Clicks. Finally you get simple Messages about whether an Opponent sees or has heard you great! Cover is already displayed or whether an Obstacle blocks Visibility. It just runs round. I could probably write a lot further now, but I'm not in the Game yet. In Conclusion, I can only say it's Fun! And for the low Price you really get a great Game! My Dream would be if the Developer Studio would bring out a real Jagged Alliance 3 with all the cool features like in JA2 plus all the cool Neurations from their Online in THE future! If anyone has what It takes to do it, then they! So buy!!!