Jump Like A Pirate reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
Jump Like A Pirate is a game in which we must collect coins to complete each of the levels (in itself, with each coin fill a bar that once completed the level), while evading various traps and obstacles. The glue that makes the game funny, is that the more time we spend in the level, increases the speed of everything, both oneself, and traps and enemies. While in theory does not sound so bad, this is one of the most terrible games I've played in recent dates, from the design of the levels that are basically the same, even with the control that is quite rare and vague, not to mention the null configuration options, They invite you to uninstall it. Although It cost me like $0.15, I feel it was very bad investment, same that I plan to recover with the cards. There is Really nothing retro in this game, but it is a very poorly accomplished demo, not advisable, especially because there are similar indie games with much more quality... Rating: 3/10 It's not the worst, but it has nothing to invite you to play it... Fun Factor: 1/5 Frustrates more than anything else... Should I buy it? Not Only that it's 90% + discount, or you're a collector.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
"Jump Like A Pirate" is a mini platformer. On always quite brown Screens, it is important to collect a certain Number of Pieces of gold Falling from above. We Have enough starts the next Level. There is something against us that various Opponents and Traps have. Flying Skulls such as exploding Barrels or migratory Circular Saws. In Addition, the Underground can also make us. On certain Surfaces, we become about massively slower. The Speed of each Level, only leisurely, also increases over Time. While the Game principle May also be fundamentally entertaining, the Game not only suffers from graphic Poverty of diversity. Pacing and Level Design also leave something to be desired. We only ever have one Life. In some Levels, Success, as the Opponents appear random in different Places, depends too much on luck. In other Levels, the Opponents always come in the same Place, so that you simply have to avoid a certain Area in order not to be able to die at all. Graphically, we are at quite a simple Level. The not even so bad, pumping music, which can recall 80s "Ace of Base" sounds, unfortunately discredits itself by the far too short, constantly looping basic Phrase. Technically, the Game works, can also entertain for a short time, but overall it is too weak, too ill-considered, too little. Rating: 4/10 Atmosphere-/10 Story 5/10 Graphic 5/10 Sound 5/10 Game Mechanics 4/10 Balancing 5/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Pee like a Jump Rat. 5/10 Overall Rating