Just Cause 4 reviews

What do I want from a Just Cause game? Basic story, high energy, over the top combat, great scenery, great traversal, and the feeling of being a Bollywood-style badass. That's just not what I got from this entry. The army system is convoluted, they made the grapple hook mechanics do way more than they needed it to, and the graphics - although technically better - lack the colorful and movie star vibe that Just Cause 3 had. When I play this game, it simply feels like Just Cause 3 with too many complex mods. As a long time Just Cause fan, this is extremely disappointing.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
TL; DR: The Graphics are a bad Joke, for me the whole performance technically runs well and the Gameplay fits. For me a Buy Recommendation but also only because I am not a Graphic Person. So now to the actual Review. I'm really going with mixed Feelings here. The first thing that stands out is the horrendous Menu. Without exaggerating I can say here: This is the worst Menu I have ever been allowed to experience in a PC game. The Menu is controlled with the Mouse buttons. Choose left Click menu Subzero, Right Click to Close. That along with the Fact that you can't operate the Menu with Enter-or Escape button makes the whole thing incredibly awkward. In addition, with Menus that have a scroll function, the Cursor keeps getting up when You reach a new Page, for whatever Reason. Can you take a Minute to get to the End of the Menu. Right on with the Menu: Sound Settings are enough, but are really saucy loud (my highest sound setting is 25). Control can be changed well, but it is also complicated again because you can't delete Key Assignments. Accurate Goals, for example, Are bound by Default on Shift. In order to change this, I now have to consider a new Occupancy for my right Mouse button and then change the Target Function again. Awkward, but well. My Mouse buttons could all be proven smoothly. And now to the most important Menu: Graphic. Selection Options are all important, can be adjusted in 4 Stages. Problem: I feel like the Settings don't change anything. The Game looks ridiculously bad. Sure, Just Cause was never a Graphics Cracker but that. Wow. Rendering Errors or simply poorly rendered video/game world, Facial Animations must be from the Developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda because a Potato I throw on the Ground confess more Emotions. All in all, I really have to say: Graphically, this Game is a Cheekiness and could really be on a Level with Watch Dogs with the downgrade level. Now to the Game itself. Story is the Classic from Just Cause; Power Mad Person does comical Stuff and we stop Him. Nothing special. This Time Rico has everything important from the start: Wingsuit and especially these Hoist Balloons and Boosters are there from the Very Beginning. These two Features are quite nice, but will never use them except for eating around. We continue to liberate Regions by destroying Camps and something, for that we get Chaos. This Chaos is now recruiting Rebel squads with which, having liberated the regional Fortress, we can liberate the Region via the map Menu, thus unlocking new Equipment and new Missions. Side Missions I haven't found any So far, just any Stunts and stuff like that. Weapon Selection, meanwhile, has a few fun Things like ne lightning or Wind Cannon. Otherwise, Weapons have an alternative Fire Mode like Grenade Launchers, which is quite funny. Driving Halfway this time. Cars jump a lot but you can control. But if you drive out very fast, you can go out as if you were entering Hyperspace right away. Vehicle Selection is comparable to JC 3. All in all, there is a Buy recommendation For me when you are ready to overlook the graphics Errors and are ready to fumble with the Menu. Otherwise, I can only advise, at the Moment, but really only. I've been playing this Franchise since The beginning, by the way, and that's the first Time I say: No, just no.