Kabaret - A Southeast Asian Visual Novel

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Kabaret is an interactive narrative game filled with mythical Southeast Asian folklore, with colorful characters to meet in a mysterious world.

Play as Jebat, a young man cursed into a monster after making an unfortunate mistake. Jebat has only 30 nights to break the curse or forever remain as a monster.

This game is a prototype, testing the concept and mechanics. In this build, the game takes place over 2 nights. Jebat talks to a Pontianak, a female vampire from Indonesian and Malaysian mythology. She has information he needs, but before she tells him anything, he must do something for her.

The other creatures he speaks to in the Kabaret are:

- The Manager, The Harimau Jadian: The mysterious manager who takes him in, and gives him clues on how to reverse the curse. A werecat and a warrior spirit in Malaysian mythology.

- Ekek, The waiter: A friend that's ready to help. In Philippine mythology, Ekeks are bird like creatures.

- Tikbalang: A half horse - half man creature that's very tall. He comes from the Philippines. 

- Wawak: The Wakwak is a vampiric, bird-like creature in Philippine mythology.

- Babi Ngepet: A boar demon that steals riches in Indonesian mythology

- Jerangkung: A skull warrior from Malaysian mythology. He wears the traditional outfit of a warrior from Sarawak.

- Nabau: The mysterious singer that lulls monsters to sleep. In Iban legend, the Nabau is a giant snake.

All characters in Kabaret are inspired by Southeast Asian folklore. Kabaret, is the Malay spelling for the word cabaret. Cabaret was an integral part of Malaysian and Singaporean history during the 1950s.


Game Director: Buddy Anwardi
Game Designer: Eugene Tam (web)
Game Producer: Saqina Latif (twitter)
Game Concept Art: 6KM (instagram)
Game Artist: Cherry Oon
Game Programmer: Naim Iskandar
Intern Game Programmer/Artist: Ainul Dania  
Game Audio: Hello Universe (web)

"Bintang Malam" by Saloma cover sung by Eddin Khoo
Special Thanks to Pauline Fan and everyone at Pusaka! (web)
Extra Special Thanks to Johaness Reuben, Denice Heng, Jan Wong, and Kok Foong. 

Persona Theory Games web, twitter, instagram and facebook. 


MyGameOn feature: link

Kakuchopurei: link

DISCLAIMER: This game contains elements that are not suitable for some, and contains violence, blood and gore, and strong language.

UPDATE: Mac build in progress. :) 

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Persona Theory Games
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Oct 28, 2019

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