Kabel'naya Kompaniya

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You are a humble employee of government Cable Company called Kbel'naya Kompaniya. Your task, connect the country to the new wonder called internet by guiding the copper cable using Wire Delivery Mole.

But it is not a simple time for your country. Revolution stirs in the neighbouring country and soon you may have to choose which course of action you will take.

There are two favorable endings to the game and three different flavors of Game Over screen. Try and see all of them!

Press and hold LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons on your keyboard to power the magnets that attract the mole and thus guide it through the unpredictable channels. Releasing control buttons will return the mole to it's middle position. Cutscene text can be skipped by pressing SPACE or ENTER keys.

If the game proves to be hard and you just want to see the story, perhaps not trying to pick up all the power ups and bonuses might be a good idea ;)

Game has been developed for Godot Wild Jam 21. I hope you enjoy playing it. Feel free to leave some feedback!

I would like to thank to providers of some of the assets used.

  • Company logo
  • Cutscene music
  • Level music
  • All sound effects
  • Title font
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Last Modified: May 18, 2020

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