Kama Bullet Heritage 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Yes... This Is an acky thrash in a bad and good sense of this word combination. But before I start the review, I will note that I have a stable opinion on the idea of developers. It consists in the desire to raise money at the expense of the game, not its quality!!! The Game is a vivid example of how you can fill an interesting project just not bringing it to mind. Hardcore scales and mainly because of the curve of the Boki, not only that, no training, no keyboard layout in the game, you have to poke the keys at random. Chekpokntov No, on the kpayney least I have not reached them) At the loss of the need to start all over again, because of what the game quickly tires and bored. The Fun was 15 minutes, then a solid hemorrhoids. With All this is almost not clear you have made a damag on the enemy or not, you have to be distracted by the scale of damage, which distance dammage is also not clear. The Block practically does not act, only to tumble and to jump off. In General, the pain is very crude and write off the hardcore here is not an option. We will have to finish the game with patches, dear developers. Of the good in the game: the thrash atmosphere, graphics (although the figures are toppornye, but the cut is on a special indie thrash style), cotton physics characters too in the theme. In General, you need to finish the gameplay, and not cover the non-Orobotki hardcore. I will Try to present my suggestions on making changes in the gameplay. -To Enter the checkpoints, if they are not present), after the cat scenes, I managed to reach one after which the fight of four opponents. -Make a keyboard layout, a combat training, such as for the removal of sentries, which is already there. -To Increase the efficiency of the unit or to remove it altogether, and put other blows on this button. By the way of the beats, as I understood, combos in the game randomized, which does not allow you to choose the right punch to the situation, THIS is a VERY IMPORTANT FLAW!!! There is only a super punch that appears on the second level and takes time to restore, it can be done thoughtfully. Or you need to train combos if they are in the game. -It is Worth adding not great visual effects denoting the application of the Dacor to the enemy, and his dadag on the character. -The Power of the Dammage opponents can be slightly lower. It is higher than the character. IN GENERAL, UNTIL THE GAME WILL NOT BE MODIFIED BY THE GAMEPLAY, NOBODY ADVISE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT, EVEN IN THE VIEW OF ITS CHEAPNESS!