Kingdom Rush reviews

It's a good to great tower defense game but not a excellent one.  The upgrades are fun, the graphics are cute, and there's tons of content here, plus the price (free) is very satisfying. There is something hypnotic even when the actual structure about what you have to accomplish is very clear simply because it still needs to be done quickly and precisely, and my full playthrough passed quickly and enjoyably.

That said, the core game play is pretty monotonous given that there's nothing that deviates from the typical tower defense game structure, plus at its core there's not much to do other than build towers in a handful of patterns that you will probably master about halfway through the games.  Difficulty is more about quick precision and the order in which the optimal sets of towers are bought rather than any complex strategy, which makes the gameplay feel a little shallow.

I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't adverse to the tower game format and wants a quick and free flash game to pass the time.
«Just one more turn»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Kingdom Rush-Just a Tower Defense Game!? This Genre is coming more and more frequently on the Market-from Military to Monkeys-from Zombies to bursting Balloons. The Market is saturated, all follow a similar Principle. But Kingdom Rush convinces like no Other! The Tower Defense (TD) Game principle is Simpel and yet always a Challenge as the game Progresses. The Goal in TD Games is to build different Types of Defenses on a Map and prevent the traversing of different Enemies on this Map. But how Does Kingdom Rush Manage to convince in this saturated market? To one it is the lovingly drawn World map on which you unlock the Cards one after the other. The World Map covers different Landscapes from the Forest to the Undead kingdom. Here, Kingdom Rush Catches off strongly from the other TD Games-with almost all TD Games, only the Paths of the onrushing Opponents change, the Background, so the Card itself always remains the same. Kingdom Rush, on the other hand, scores with detail-loving Backgrounds, every single Card is beautifully staged and different from all Others! In keeping with the Cards, the attacking Opponents also change, whether Spiders, Goblins or Undead, the Selection of The Opponent's ranks is large and each Breed is divided into many different Classes. Be it the simple Goblin Warrior to the Goblin Shaman. You Can also take one of several different Heroes into battle. These are also all different from each other-be it a Paladin, a Musket Shooter, an Arcane Magician Or a Samurai (etc.). Each offers different Skills and levelt during a Card session. The Heroes and the Opponents are also beautifully drawn down to the Last detail and superbly animated. So the World seems very much alive. The Level Of Difficulty is demanding, but Coping. Each Map requires a different Strategy, so you sometimes need multiple Calls to choose the right Towers + Heroes to Succeed. The Game is mirrored by Achievements waiting to be mastered or discovered. Remember the little Hobbit of Lord of the Rings-yes!? Of Course, you know this Wige! This one has been captured on his Journey, WHEN you find him ... Would you free him, wouldn't you? And plopp as thank you beautiful there is an Achievement. Or an Acorn in a Block of Ice, including a rat Squirrel ... Which Film is this Scene from again, what happens if you click several times on the Block of ice? After almost 20 Hours of play, I managed to master all the cards available at that Time, and I also unlocked over 90% Of achievements. If you still don't have enough, you can play through all the cards in Classic Mode (without Heroes) or Heroic Mode (Tower Specifications) and will get an Achievement for this. As can be seen from the penultimate Sentence-"cards available at this Time"-there are regular free Updates with more maps and Achievements, JAAAH! Clear Buy recommendation-"I want cleanse this land!"-wish you lots of Fun discovering from Kingdom Rush!
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Microsoft from Norsk
Without a doubt the best tower defense game I have (of about 40), and - fantastic - playability and longevity! Play again and again to complete all the stars and modes and collect the latest awards towards the end. Complete 100% PC, but only MTTE have the iPhone version. Beautiful on the iPhone 5 too. Very nice graphics, music and sound design. Everybody sees the most perfect "cartoon graphics" game I've been to, I love every pixel of it! It's hard enough, too. The purchase! Best for the crowns you have used. ;) You can boost by buying extra heroes in-game, but there is no need to enjoy (or clear) the game. Just a bonus for kids and the rogue and is not a central part of the gameplay (and there are similar free heroes as well). And just wait until you snap Vez'nan! It ain't over yet ...;) Last update (Burning Torment) is opened after rounding the standard paths; the same makes a bunch of other courses. The bonus lines are the best - and the balance and strategy are absolutely fantastic; just wait until you get some bets into the game. The first courses are there to learn the concept and get to know the trainers.
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Microsoft from French
A tower defense style strategy game as you dream! The campaign with a scenario in French is the proof of attention to the detail of this title. There is a music that is very pleasant and adds a touch of the whole battle without ever being boring. We notice that the different levels are extremely well designed and the difficulty is standard if one wants to make all the different challenges in difficult mode! In addition, humor is omnipresent and fun references are hidden everywhere. Perfectionists will love the many successes to unlock to extend the experience even longer. It should be noted that the purchase of additional characters is a real way to thank the developers for this nonsense knowing that they are not essential to move forward! The game is also perfectly optimized and works wonders without any crashes. Finally, the game can be saved on iCloud. Maybe we could just have more improvements with the paintings won to become even stronger because after a while the paintings are no longer useful ... Bravo and thank you to the developers for this exceptional game in every way!