Knight's Armour

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Made as part of Curdle Jam #9.

Theme: Worn Thin (in my game, this is shown by the fact that the armour becomes less durable over time).

In this game you play as a knight. By defeating enemy knights with your bow and arrow you are rewarded with extra arrows and credits. Enemy knights can also shoot back, reducing your armour durability.  If you run out of durability you will die. To add to the challenge, your arrow will shoot in whatever direction you were moving last. You can go to the shop at the top of the map to buy more durable armour and level up with your credits. You can enter a castle (bottom left and right of map) to repair your armour, however you can only use this once per level.

This probably isn't one of my best games since I had to take many days off (Christmas, New Year's etc) but I hope you enjoy anyway. Also didn't find time to add music/SFX sorry.

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Brainiac Games
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Last Modified: Jan 4, 2021

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