Krai Mira reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of all, I would rate the Game as NEW, but foolishly Steam doesn't have this Feature (which has already been a lot of users excited about) hmm ... Why some compare this here to Fallout 1 + 2 is a Mystery to me. The only thing it has in common with it is the Presentation (that is, running over the Map, the Fights and that it is just post-apocalyptic), nothing else. Unlike Fallout, there is only one Background story here and only for these Quests ... Or put another way, in the Time I've been playing now, I haven't found a single one except for the Main Story (and even that's only 1 at the same Time). Likewise, there is no Character Creation Whatsoever ... When you start, you always look the same, have a few Points to spread over Attributes and 2 points for 3 "special" skills (of which only one is usable), no gender choice, no Skills. And even the Background Story (quest) is somewhat illogical ... Prof. one MUST accept an Escort protection quest (which would still be ok) but the Choir can only do this without Armor And weapons and Companions (which is completely weak). I summarize the Posss and Cons. Pos:-simple Camera control environment made nice-control just-refreshing again what to play in the 2.5d View instead of Constantly Egoperspective-definitely Has Potential Cons:-NPC to 90% only Waste ... Do not say the same thing or talk at all (despite speech symbol) no Quests (only Main Story and 1 repeatable "jobquest"), leveln only by grinning possible-During the Job quest you can not saw. Either play through all the Fights or "replay" when you go on it and hope that it turns out differently-Radioactivity: Totally arbitrary and you have no Chance to know where on a "fight map" a Stain is radiocective (I hat again that I have walked 2x above ne And it was nothing and when I was there the 3rd time the Violinist Counter suddenly knocked out and I was contaminated by 10 Points. The automatic Geiger counter does not bring anything at all, since it only starts if it is already too late and then you have the Symbol for the Contamination over Char) dealers far too poorly equipped anyway ... You can find, for the 5000-8000 "nuts" (the IG currency ... Screw Nuts ^ ^) are worth, but the Dealers only have exchange Items worth a maximum of 2000 (usually only 500-900)-The Weight you can haul is too low for that. Or rather: The Equipment is too heavy (especially if the Low-level body protection already weighs more than Half of what the Choir can haul). And since you can't sell the Stuff because the Dealers don't have Coal, you're already full after the first 2 Fights. -Sale in itself is also such a Thing ... In the Sales you will also see the Items that have been created, which is unfortunately only not mentioned or marked. So can easily happen that you suddenly sell your waged weapon and wonders in the next Fight that you only have Fists ...-NPC opponents sometimes far too strong ... 80% of them always hit (with Ranged Weapons), no Matter what distance, half of Them mostly critical. Even in Melee they hit 80% when they have Weapons ... The Evasive Skill after missing 50% of the Blows seems to work only in the weaponless Struggle. And they are EVERYONE in Groups of 4-6 (usually 3-4 Melees and 1-2 with Ranged Weapons). -Companion characters are strahdoof, you can't give them Commands or equip them or whatever (except for a Dog you only have them at the Storyquests anyway). Always run in the biggest Pulk and let yourself be blown away ... Even if you don't want to fight as Char at all (because you get to it as 2 rival gangs hit the Skull and you want to wait and see who wins to then make them cold so as not to fight against both Groups ... But NÖ, the Companions always know how to prevent this and attack)-you can't duck or sneak (so much too Falloutklon ^ ^) Long-distance Combat weapons have different Attribute requirements ... Which is very annoying when you find a Weam that is better than your own And you can't use it, even though BEIDE are the same Type (1x needs ne scrap gun Target accuracy, the next Strength etc ...), I dignify understand Wenns different weapon types Would be like Handguns, Rifles, Scrap Guns, heavy Weapons etc ... -Wayfinding is in need of revision. No matter if the Choir is running where or what to do ... It gets stuck on invisible Things a couple of times (has Advantages in Battle, of course, because the NPC all want to get to the Point where the char stands and then block each other ... Stupid only that your own Companions do the same thing)