Kung Fury: Street Rage reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well, Muck and Retrographic, but the Game itself is somehow not a real Side-scroll beat, but that would have fit perfectly due to the Template. Instead, there is only one left attack and one Right, you can't move yourself with the Digipad or the Analog Sticks. I expected something like a Streets of Rage/Final Fight/Double Dragon Clone, instead you get a Kind of Reaction Game. You could have made a lot more of the Game and the Template. So it is simply a heavy, stupid "drat-den-left-or-right-button-timely-or-wort-game" at which the Lower-reaction already fail in the first Level and thus does not notice any of the Story ^^ The game definitely has a certain Fruit Factor. I'd love to give a Thumbs up, but the Game feels bad and is more for simply knitted Masochists who want to constantly press two Buttons.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The graphics and animations of this Kung Fury: Street rage are really nice, there is no say, as well as the post-processing of the image, way cathode ray tube of the arcade games of the years 1980/90. However, the gameplay is surprising: left for a shot to the left; right for a blow to the right; and that's it. The hordes of enemies are not adapted, because rather than deterministic, which would have allowed the game to be a rhythm game, seem rather random. As a result, we find ourselves having to manage several enemies at the same time on both sides, without being able to do anything, which breaks the meter of combos, and thus the score, the only levers that can encourage to continue the game. But maybe it's done on purpose? Remember the adaptations of movies in video games of the years 1980/90, of which E.T., which alone almost sank the entire industry! For the youngest of us, it's simple: the film was good, the game was (almost) always (very) bad. And for cause: the developers were given the command for the game at the last moment, without often knowing anything about the script, the whole must be released at the same time as the film, a few months or even a few weeks after the start of the project In this, therefore, this adaptation of a (rather) good short film inspired by the clichés of the years 1980/90 in a (very) bad video game is faithful to the common places of this time. However, this is far from the expectations of the players who liked the games retros much, much more accomplished. If you are looking for a good game, avoid this bouze urgently. For the same price, buy yourself a coffee. It will last longer! And if you really want to find this time in the form of video-playful parodique, try the excellent Broforce instead. A much better investment, in terms of playability!
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Before this update, the game were as smooth as a baby-butt, really fast paced and didn't lag, exceptional for a beat 'em up-game where timing is everything. Now after the update, the game is really slow and it feels like it's only 3 frames per second. I got exited about the story-mode, but I closed the app as soon as I noticed how ridiculous slow it has become. Please, dear developers, make it as smooth running and fast as before the update.