La batalla de Elthen

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Welcome to the lands of Elthen, a strange kingdom, with monsters, humans, dwarves, Santa Claus, animals, demons ... The war has finally ended. The kings have decided to send their best warrior to a tournament. The winner will decide the fate of this ancient land.

This fighting video game is probably different from most of the ones you've seen before. Welcome to a battle of unbalanced characters, in which you can differentiate the genres of characters: Shooters, Tanks, fighters, warriors, magicians, summoners ...
Don't be surprised, if you see that your enemies have much more or much less life, speed, attack damage ... Each character is different from another, even within those of the same genre you can find differences.

Use different tactics to win. Here anything goes: You want to run away from your enemies until the moment of truth,  run away; You want to use ranged attacks all the time, do it; You want to heal yourself, prevents you from being hit for 10 seconds; You want to be invulnerable,  you press the shield button very fast all the time. There is no problem with any of your horrible tactics to win, but that does take advantage of the abilities of your characters, because if there are some easy ones, there are others more difficult to use.

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Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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