Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

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From the award-winning designers that brought you Homo Machina (2018) and Californium (2015), Darjeeling brings you another revolutionary puzzle game that is one of its kind.

  • Fun, engaging, and beautiful, Labyrinth City creates 10 new visually-stunning universes for you to explore.
  • Play as detective Pierre, you must solve all puzzles to retrieve the lost stone from the notorious thief, Mr. X.
  • Crossing varied locations, you will encounter cute NPCs, and learn more about Opéra City, its surroundings and its citizens.

A terrible crime has happened at the Opera City Museum! Mr. X, Pierre's sworn enemy, has stolen and fled with a magic stone that can turn everything around it into a labyrinth. Under the call of the Opera City Museum, Pierre, the detective, must undertake a new set of adventure, across 10 different places, to retrieve the lost stone. The issue is urgent, and he must act now!

Game Features
  • Many giant levels for you to explore
  • More than 100 hidden objects to find and some surprising mini puzzle games
  • Available in English, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Japanese
  • Original soundtrack
Game Highlight
  • Stellar graphics based on the international bestselling children's book Pierre The Maze Detective
  • Visiting beautiful places and interacting with the NPCs to build your own story
  • Searching through the colorful world and exploring the numerous hidden subplot and modes
  • Intriguing puzzles and many hidden objects await
  • Collecting extra stars and treasure chests on your way to the finish line
Release date
Labyrinth City
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Dec 25, 2020

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