Lake of Voices reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Call Geratta. It's a witch job. The Action of the novel takes place on Lake Sinlos. This huge reservoir locals prefer to bypass. With The onset of darkness, over the lake rise The mysterious bridges, encircling the entire area. And from dark depths is chosen any evil, which does not disdain human flesh. And so it turned out that three of our heroes urgently need to get to the village on the opposite bank. They do not have 3-4 extra days to travel by land. So we have to go to desperate measures and to entrust their lives to the nameless conductor...-The Language of the text-English. Easy to read. -Full voiceover of characters, also in English. Nice voices and good wagering roles. -Beautiful and high-quality visual design. -Music helps to create a gloomy and oppressive atmosphere. -The Endings are very variative. The fate of all the characters will depend on your choices. It's not cool, but you can't save everyone. -ALL satellites are available for the relationship. -25 achievements for the collection. Highly recommended. The Novella is very gloomy and atmospheric. Addictive from the very first minutes.