Lamia Must Die reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Many of us think that the icing on the cake in a role-playing game is the epic showdown against a final boss, both Monster and human; Both the villain of our history and the traitor of our group; Or even in few cases I can count on the fingers of my hand, against the protagonist itself. Something that makes the Role-playing game my favorite genre is exactly that. How impressive it can become a fantasy world in which to develop our history. The creatures that inhabit it, both friendly and enemy. And above all, the possibility of facing our character against abysmal bosses. It'S just those 3 parts that make up a good Role-playing game. It'S time to analyze "Lamia"-The story develops in a small place that is being harassed by a voracious and mythological creature. A Lamia. Half woman, Half serpent. This Lamia is causing a huge chaos, and many warriors for long years have tried to fight it and end this evil. In vain. Here comes our beginning. Our protagonist (without any choice of how it will be, and not even knowing where it comes from) together with 3 companions (who present a magnificent lore, but without development) decide to undertake their journey (in theory, difficult) to defeat the creature. In Short. The game has a history and a very, very interesting lords, but they have nothing of development to be a game of no more than an hour. Negative Point. The game takes place in a human world, being harassed by the aforementioned Lamia, who is altering the course even of the creatures and animals that inhabit it as well. This is an excuse for ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, but it is a very good start to explain why, as we walk the world, we face hostile creatures. The ruling, do not mention something like that in a game that only consists of fighting the Lamia. There is no freedom for the world, you will not know beyond Lamia and your protagonists. Negative Point. Heads. There's Not much to explain, there's only one. We Will confront Lamia to save not only our region, but the whole world of its wickedness. Why the Lamia does all this is a good question. You Don't have to put an interesting boss without a lore behind it. We Have A clear example in Dark Souls, in which every chief has a clear meaning. In Cabal, my favorite videogame, the lore of the bosses is even harder to discover than Dark Souls, and they all have a reason for their existence. It's Not like the universe suddenly decides to place a hostile and evil creature in the middle of something. Eye, there are cases in which it is very well something, but not in a short game with such a wide story. What's the matter. That The Lamia is a boss I like to call "half-victim." Let's Put Two examples of the aforementioned games. In Dark Souls, if we discover the truth of Anor Londo, it gives us the possibility to confront Gwyndolin, the God of the Moon, abandoned to protect the city. He has done no harm except the attempt to deceive you into not discovering the reality of Anor Londo. The way they all ended up. And the way they left him behind. We Can kill him, or we can just join him and forgive him. In Cabal, Patren is possibly one of the most powerful bosses in the whole game, but it is all against him. Patren did not choose to become a God, and even less in a destructive one. Although we must stop him, many players feel great compassion for him, and even if his death is completely in vain, because years later his resurrection would come, many of us, including me, it cost them enough to fight him, because it is something that He just didn't deserve it. Lamia is a woman who decided to take revenge on all the wickedness with which she was harassed in the past. It Seems stupid, but it gives us to know that what it does is not for pure evil, but for anger. For Vengeance. For Many other reasons that do not label it only as "villain." Lamia's concept is fine, but to develop a fight against her much better and deeper, a long story was necessary. Negative Point. 3 out of 3, jackpot. In spite of all this, I recommend the game. Why? Because it would be a very enjoyable work, if they made a long version, between 30 to 100 hours, like another game of any role. I Really hope a second part with the developed world, even if I have to pay for it.