Last Stop reviews

I really enjoyed the narrative of this game and how it was presented. It's not perfect but the way it connects all the story lines and how you'll see the other characters in the background is so well done. It does a great job balancing it's humor with it's serious tones as well. It's also easy to digest an episode or two if you can't sit down for a long session as the episodes are usually under 20 minutes. 
A bit underwhelming after an intriguing start. The setting and writing really nailed an authentic Londoner feel but it was a bit weak overall.
Clunky controls and pointlessly small sections to move your character through at times.
Also why add missable achievements and not make the replay of sections possible? Super annoying.
«Waste of time»
«Game over at last!»
I really liked how small company made an experience similar to Detroit. Not that big but still it is inspiration.