Left Alone reviews

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A Review in Picture ... Left Alone is a small, mysterious and sometimes rather creepy indema. Before going into the Details, however, I would like to share the Link to my (completed) Let'S Play for those who would like to get a picture of it in Video form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM-sl3mYs-U&list=PLk-Gd833IE-E_dzNjDLvsC7Ic6MUNtAfZ ... And Scripture Slowly we open our Eyes and look around. The Visibility is blurry and it takes a Moment before we can realise we are still lying on the small Clearing. But what happened? Just yet we arrived in the most beautiful Sunshine, which has bathed the Forest in a wonderful Light, arrived here to spend a Men's Weekend with a few Friends from the old Days and the next Moment we find ourselves in a far from friendly Scenery. Again. The Place is the same, but now it radiates a Menacing Solitude with the Howls of Wolves that always seem to be right behind us and the Fog that makes us look only a few Feet away. We Carefully pick up a Flashlight Left by our Friends on Their already set up tents, and ... The Phone vibrates! We Hastily take it out of our Pocket and read the Message we just received. She comes from our Friends. Apparently they accidentally locked themselves in a nearby abandoned Building ... And they're not alone! What's going on here? Why had we obviously stepped away for a few Hours and who is stalking the others? It's time to find Answers. So we continue down the Path we came in the Afternoon-it's supposed to be a long Night. Well, long is relative, because in Fact Left Alone is quite a short Game ... If you dare to noodle down the Story in Quick Pass. I had that experience when I didn't know the Game was only storing in certain Places. So I had to go through a Section completely anew and while I was still sneaking on Tiptoes the first Time and constantly looking behind me because the Clatter of Keys, a Slamming Door or Steps gave me the Impression that Anyone right near me, I have parsely ignored these Sounds on the Replay. At least at this Point I knew what was coming my way. However, When I got back to the Point where I had left before, I again exercise caution. So If you get to the Solution of the sometimes gratifying-demanding Puzzles quite quickly and you don't let yourself be intimidated by the always threatening Atmosphere, you could have reached the End Credits in 3-4 Hours. Otherwise, you can count on another 2 Bites. But you have to be quite hard to read, because Left Alone knows very well how To chase Fear and do it without constant Jump Scales. There are such, but they only provide isolated and almost antispasmodic Sequences, because you finally get frightened. The Rest for me consisted of a constant Tension and a Fear that something has to happen at every Moment. You may know the Feeling when Sifting a Horror Movie, when everything suggests that you will push a Heap into your Pants right before Fright, but the expected "Shock" does not occur. The Previously built emotions then get ... Yes, no Valve. And that makes full use of The Game of Volumetric Games. awesome! By the way, graphic Violence is completely dispensed with-the Horror only plays out in the Head, but this can be notoriously significantly worse ... I also liked the Graphic, which is not beyond All doubt, but very coherent. All of this is Supported by a formidable Score and a great Soundscape. A lot of Work has really been done Here. My only Criticism is this, after all, very sudden End. Just there was this incredibly great Twist left and the next Moment came the Closing sequence. I would have hoped for a rounder departure and more Enlightenment-the Potential For this would have been Left Alone. In the end, this remains an atmospherically excellent Horror Game, which, however, could well have gone 1-2 Hours longer. So the faint Hope for a Successor remains ... I would gamble him straight away.