Warhammer 40,000: Legacy of Dorn - Herald of Oblivion reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Like Soup for Lunch ... ... You have something in your Stomach, but it doesn't last long. At least that's How Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion has felt, and you can therefore confidently Side it with Similar ' gap fillers ' to Kill Team, with whom money will continue to be squeezed out of the WH40k license until Dawn of War III finally gets out. Nevertheless, The first Digital Gamebook in the WH40k universe is a solid, successful Game that combines the Specifics of the Theme well with the Peculiarities of the Genre. Not much needs to be said about the game principle and the Backstory: As the Terminator of the Imperial Fists, you pass through a Space Hulk in search of the troop mates scattered during the Over-teleporting and a Way to make this monstrous pestbump of Blasting a Space Hulk back into the Warp in the Emperor's Eyes. That Is, read Texts, make Decisions, hope for fate. To the Evaluation in Detail: General + WH40k!-for WH40k newcomers at The Beginning maybe a bit confusing, certain Basic Knowledge are helpful + all Achievements in Single-player mode unlockable! (Well, a Gamebook ... So multi-player zone) + three different Difficulty levels History + several possible Approaches that can ever lead to different Events; Increases Replay value + Decisions have an impact later In The course Of the game and partly decide on Death or Life ...-... But are unfortunately sometimes just annoying and confusing (right or left turn? Right!-left or right pass? Left!-large Portal or reddish shimmering passageway? UH, Moment, the first Time I'm ... No, that was ... Oh, then just there through ... YOUR ADVENTURE IS AT AN END ... * sigh *) o ' Wheel of Fate '; Well, that's so 'ne Thing: According to certain Passages, the ' Fate ' in the Form of three Reels with skulls and Imperial Fist symbol decides in the Manner of a horrible One mate. Depending on the Outcome of the Operation, a different Situation arises, from ' The Emperor smiles to you ' (three Imperial Fist symbols) to ' Good luck next Time, Your service team of the Herald of Oblivion ' (three Skulls). Can you find exciting, you can hate ... (Don't forget to save!) Fight + the first few Times quite nice ...-... Then they only annoy + can be skipped In the ' Initiate ' difficulty level music-varied, actually consists of only two Melodies (Fight and Non-fight) + unobtrusive, reinforces The Feeling of a Space Hulk atmosphere conclusion: For all who Happy to take Time and be Able to understand simple English main Phrases with more than three Words Including attached side Sets, this is a nice Opportunity to end the computer game evening. But Don't Come to ' real ' book Calibers like ' A Thousand Sons ', ' Angel Exterminatus ' and ' Vengeful Spirit ' ran. P.S.: Spoiler Warning! If you venture into the Necron area, you should take a Map of the Area first! They pop up in certain Rooms from time to time, but if you print them out beforehand and put them on your side, you spare yourself some Frustration! Just check the screenshot page or on my Profile. ACTION: North is right here!