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Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

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Atlantis is sinking. Become the champion of the last Queen of Atlantis and save the kingdom in this fast-paced, time management dash game! Build roads, manage resources, establish towns, create armies, defeat your enemies and save the villagers before the lands are destroyed and all life is lost in this thrilling strategy adventure!

  • Play over 50 addictive time management levels with exciting achievements, bonuses, and more!
  • Discover five beautifully rendered HD locations with unique and funny Atlantean characters!
  • Master colorful Hidden Object scenes and Match-3 mini-games for amazing power-ups!
  • Prioritize your objectives and create the best strategy to complete the levels in Expert Time!
Release date
Alder Games
Legacy Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB video card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 457 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Totally Lazy
One of the workers not doing anything for a minute
50 pieces of Wood remained at the end of the level
Hunting Season
3 Monsters are defeated within a minute
50 pieces of Crystals remained at the end of the level
Workers' Lodge is upgraded to level 3 in the first minute
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Legends of Atlantis: Exodus reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Beautiful Time Management Game! Play like Hercules In case anyone knows. Graphic is very chic, Operation also works out great. The 50 + (?) Levels are also very exciting and very well balanced. You often have to be careful not to go to a Dead end At the Beginning if you spend your collected resources on wrong Things. That's not too bad, though. The Cards last an Average of 5 Minutes. So If you realize after 1-2 Minutes that you have made Nonsense, you will probably be able to cope with it. In addition, this is also a good thing, so that you don't just click sildly. After all, strategy and Tactics should also lead to Victory against Time, and not just because of a quick Finger. The Expert Mode is super set and not as bock-heavy as with Hercules. So You can treat yourself to a few Seconds in Peace without having to restart each Level 10 times because of every small Dropout. As with all such Games, Story is a little told, but there is plenty of. Steam Achievements are all 100% possible and unfortunately I had already collected everyone in the Middle of the Game, there could have been a little more to come. There Are 3 Bonus levels, at least one of which was already a hard Nut for me. Between missions, there are sometimes Hidden Object Games to master, where you have to click on the items you are looking at. Also, you occasionally have to play a Game like that, where you have to bring together 3 Balls of the same Color. These Things are kept relatively simple and provide a little Variety. Have I forgotten something to tell? No idea. Oh yes, it's currently in an Indie Bundle to get for 2 Euros! Anyway, I like the Game very much and I can only recommend it to everyone! I'll give the Game an 8 out of 10 Points. Enjoy playing!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Collect Resources, build And expand buildings, and complete the Tasks that have been set. Then go to the next Map for the same. Kurzwei-wise Game of the usual Style of this Genre. If you Know one thing, you know everyone. Recommend it to anyone who likes to play such Games in themselves. Story is there, Atlantis wants to be saved, but this just adorns the Game a bit like a Salad supplement to the Meat Dish. Game time ~ 10h Positive ► Challenging in Time mode if you want to get an Expert (best Time frame) ► You can also play chilly without time Limit. (Not tried) ► Simple Achievements (had all after playing Through) Neutral ► 4:3 play area. To prevent the Edge of the Wide Screen from being black, a Jewelry Frame has been added. Nevertheless, 4:3 has long been out of date. Not 2012 either. ► Hing with me at the End of an Additional Map (after the Story Mode), Buttons let themselves be pressed but nothing happened ... Alt+F4 Negative ► Some Maps are so limited with the Resources that there is hardly any Game flexibility. Can also happen that there is only 1 Way to play the Map. Learning by failing. Had to repeat several times, some even three Times, just to grasp resource Priorities and better budget in the next Attempt. It may be that it was a Mistake to build a Building because then these Resources are missing in order to get further. This annoys even when it happens towards the end of the Level. In Mode without Time limit, this is certainly not so pronounced, but can also happen there that you can't get any further. ► On some Of the map I was dependent on the Random Distribution of Resources from the market/slot trade or the Machine. That's too much Randomness to me in Time Mode. The most popular Series Of games of its Kind is probably the Hercules series of 2015. Compared to this, it is slower here, less Spam Clicking. Is not graphically so chic and uncluttered, also has no Voiceover (no Narrator). Dialogues in German are very good and have Wit. Well, don't grad my Humor. At Atlantis, there is also a Mandatory Mini-game after all x Levels. Once Glass Murmurs throw in Containers to 3 same colors dissolve (Principle is known yes), and the other is a Hidden Object game (I hate them, a Success depends on Time too ... But easy goes already in the first Hidden Object ... After 2 Attempts ^^ Had once made the Mistake and used the Auxiliary Button but then the Success does not trigger). Give the Game 6.5/10 Points.
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